Latest Migrant Caravan of 6,000 Could Be the Largest Ever To Assail Southern Border

A new migrant caravan of mostly Central Americans could be one of the biggest groups to ever assail the US southern border, with estimates of the de facto army’s size describing it as six thousand strong.

If estimates prove accurate, the caravan would be one of the largest since the phenomenon began, spurred by President Joe Biden’s promises of citizenship, welfare and American public services to Haitian migrants granted amnesty at the Del Rio International Bridge last month.

President Trump’s administration had proven effective at working with partners in Mexico and Central America to halt to movement of ‘caravans’ during the height in 2018, compelling potential asylum seekers to lodge their claims in the Mexico, the first safe country they entered after leaving home. This policy formed the basis of the Remain in Mexico agreement, in which illegal migrants seeking to wage a claim in the notoriously corrupt US asylum court system would be required to wait to the adjudication of their cases in Mexico.

President Biden proved far less capable at breaking up a caravan-like army of Haitian migrants, many of whom traveled all the way from South America to the US border at Del Rio International Bridge in September.

One caravan was estimated at a size on 7200 in 2018, although it was broken up long before reaching anywhere close to the US border. With Biden in the US presidential palace and thus-far unwilling to reinstate Remain in Mexico at the direction of a Supreme Court order, it may come to pass that the entire caravan reaches the US border, setting forth another migration crisis akin to the Del Rio disaster. If Biden’s modus operandi is utilized, the migrants will merely be shipped into the country and provided a provisional court date years in the future.

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