LAUGHABLE: Mitt Romney Re-Brands Himself as ‘Renegade Republican’ in Age of Trump

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) is one of President Donald Trump’s most dogged opponents in Washington D.C., and for standing on behalf of the globalist status quo against Trump, Romney is now referring to himself as a “renegade Republican.”

“I guess I should consider myself a renegade Republican because I still believe that deficits and debt matter a lot,” Romney said.

Before Trump showed up on the political scene, Romney had called for Republicans to support a massive stimulus funding package. In the age of Trump, he has re-invented himself as a budget hawk despite his history as a big government Republican in order to attack the President.

Romney continued his critique of Trump in order to bash his ‘America First’ trade policies, foreign policy of engagement with Russia and North Korea, and bombastic style that causes liberals to self-immolate.

“I don’t like tariffs being placed on our friends and allies, I think the likes of Putin and Kim Jong-un deserve censure instead of flattery, and I think demonstrating personal character is one of the most important responsibilities of the leader of the land,” Romney said.

“We attempt to be the leader of the world, but we’re sending billions of dollars to China and Russia and other countries, while they’re using that money – our interest – to build a military that would confront us,” Romney added.

Romney believes that Trump should go back to the status quo in order to confront China, abandoning the trade war while kowtowing to globalist-dominated nations that refuse to protect Western Civilization.

“How do you compete with that? You compete with that by linking arms with your allies economically and military, but we’re doing the opposite,” he said about China. Romney’s former venture capital firm, Bain Capital, is infamous for its extensive ties to China.

There is one area of agreement that Romney shares with Trump: opposition to socialized medicine. Romney criticized the proposals of far-left demagogues like Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders to give free healthcare to every American.

“Medicare for All as it’s described would be expensive, it would be intrusive on our personal liberties and it would be an unmitigated bust in this country,” Romney said.

“In other words, no more insulin being $45 in Canada and $450 here in the United States. One price across the world,” he added.

Despite being loathed by the mainstream of his own political party and failing to stop President Obama’s second term in 2012, Romney pledges to continue pushing forward on behalf of his powerful globalist backers.

“The perspective of conservatives is based on keeping America strong — providing for a bright and prosperous future for all of our people — not just now, but long term,” he said.

If President Trump can fully realize his MAGA agenda, it will be in spite of the best efforts of individuals like Romney who have done all in their power to sabotage the revival of America from within.

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