Laura Loomer Announces 2022 Congressional Campaign

Former Big League Politics investigative journalist and social media personality Laura Loomer announced her 2022 congressional campaign on Wednesday, speaking at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and longtime Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone were present at Loomer’s campaign announcement.

Loomer ran in 2020 in Florida’s 21st Congressional district, which contains President Trump’s world famous Mar-a-Lago resort which is now his permanent address. With an upcoming congressional redistricting in Florida, Loomer clarified that she’s waiting for the final results of the redistricting measure before running for a specific district. The parameters of congressional districts in Florida are yet to be determined. Florida stands to gain two congressional seats from the 2020 census, in a testament to the state’s population growth, conservative governance, and embrace of pro-middle class policies.

Loomer received 40% of the vote in her 2020 challenge against Democrat Lois Frankel, a strong performance in the D +9 21st district. If Republicans build momentum as the opposition party coming into the midterms, Loomer’s second shot at Congress could easily lead to a victory.

Loomer is one of the most censored individuals on the internet, having been banned from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube a short time after the first wave of social media censorship purges targeted Milo Yiannopoulos and Alex Jones. Twitter refused to allow Loomer a voice on the platform as the Republican nominee for Congress in her district in 2020, in a move that arguably amounts to an in-kind campaign contribution to the Democrat she was facing. Loomer predicted that President Trump would ultimately be purged from Big Tech monopoly platforms in 2018, a prediction which proved accurate.

Loomer’s message may rest on the growing strength of alternative social media platforms. Having previously received Donald Trump’s endorsement, she could be the next upcoming Trump Republican to enter the halls of Congress.

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