Laura Loomer Blasts Republican Jewish Coalition for Echoing Democrat Attacks on Marjorie Taylor Greene

Former Republican congressional candidate and banished journalist Laura Loomer is blasting the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) for their shameful attacks on Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

The RJC released a public statement echoing Democrat talking points against Greene, as GOP establishment organs now openly perform the dirty work of the Left.

“The Republican Jewish Coalition has always spoken out strongly against antisemitic comments from individuals on both sides of the political aisle, and we do not hesitate to do so again in the case of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene,” they wrote.

The RJC noted that they supported Greene’s RINO primary opponent in the 2020 election, but the voters of North Georgia did not care about this irrelevant swamp organization’s recommendations.

“She repeatedly used offensive language in long online video diatribes, promoted bizarre political conspiracy theories, and refused to admit a mistake after posing for photos with a long-time white supremacist leader. It is unfortunate that she prevailed in her election despite this terrible record,” the RJC wrote.

“The RJC has never supported or endorsed Marjorie Taylor Greene. We are offended and appalled by her comments and her actions. We opposed her as a candidate and we continue to oppose her now. She is far outside the mainstream of the Republican Party, and the RJC is working closely with the House Republican leadership regarding next steps in this matter,” they wrote to conclude their pathetic missive against Greene.

Loomer, a proud Jewish woman, is ashamed by the RJC’s craven and disloyal actions to remove an authentic, not-for-sale America First congresswoman in Greene.

“The attacks on Congresswoman Greene as “anti Jewish” are absurd and entirely false. As a Jewish woman who ran for Congress in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, the most Jewish District in America, earning the endorsement and vote of President Donald Trump, I’m here to tell you first hand that Congresswoman Greene has been nothing but supportive and kind to me. She came to Palm Beach during my campaign to help me, she donated to my campaign, and she has done more to speak out about my De-Platforming than any other member of Congress, including the 28 Jewish members of Congress who have never lifted a finger to help me,” Loomer wrote in a Telegram post.

“Congresswoman Greene is pro-Israel, and the attacks against her by the GOP establishment, the Jew hating Democrat Party, the RJC, and other so called Jewish organizations are rooted in lies, deceit, and misogyny. It’s odd that they have such a hard time accepting a strong, outspoken America First woman. Perhaps they should instead direct their accusations of anti-semitism toward the real Jew haters and terror supporters in Congress, including Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib,” she added.

Loomer is canceling her membership in the RJC as a consequence of their dishonest and distasteful attacks on Greene and is urging other Jewish conservatives to do the same.

“After seeing RJC’s absurd disavowal of Congresswoman Greene, I will no longer be paying my RJC membership dues, and I will be canceling my RJC membership. I want nothing to do with an organization that claims to be Jewish if they are going to use my money and the money of other Republican Jews who support Congresswoman Greene to slander her with lies in their press releases. I have made a donation to Congresswoman Greene instead, and encourage other Jews to do the same,” she wrote.

Loomer and Greene are actual empowered female leaders, which is why the globalist political establishment despises them. They would prefer weak women with room temperature IQs, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who cower under desks while crying in the fetal position, who can be easily cowed and manipulated in positions of authority instead.

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