Laura Loomer Calls Out Anti-Defamation League for Losing ‘Moral Authority’ and Backing Anti-Semites

Congressional candidate Laura Loomer is taking on the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a far-left thought control organization that used to protect the civil rights of Jews.

The Florida chapter of the ADL has denounced Loomer’s candidacy in the strongest of terms. They attacked Loomer for a recent campaign ad deriding her opponent, incumbent Democrat Lois Frankel, for supporting the Black Lives Matter terror group.

In expected fashion, Loomer is refusing to take these attacks laying down. Her campaign blistered the ADL in a response to their kvetching.

“In our view, the ADL should spend less time frothing at the mouth, defaming popular Republican candidates, and more time reflecting on its own track record of brazen hypocrisy,” wrote Karen Giorno, a senior advisor for Loomer’s congressional campaign, in a press release.

Giorno noted in the presser that Loomer is an ardent Zionist who is a “personal friend” of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s family.

“In particular, national CEO Jonathan Greenblatt has some chutzpah retweeting criticism of Loomer when he worked for Barack Obama. Obama, of course, was pictured smiling ear-to-ear with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who said that “Hitler is a great man” and has alluded to Jews as “Satanic” and compared them to animals. We don’t seem to recall Greenblatt denouncing Obama,” she wrote.

Virtually the entire fake news media covered up the evidence of Obama’s meeting with Farrakhan to protect his presidential ambitions prior to his election in 2008.

Loomer’s campaign also noted that the ADL has strayed vastly from their mandate of protecting Jews and are now palling around with radical Islamist groups.

Giorno noted that “the ADL has partnered with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“Not only has the ADL lost all moral authority to call out anti-Semitism or critics of Israel, but the ADL has made friends with some of the most virulent and dangerous anti-Semites in the world,” she wrote.

“If the ADL wants to restore its reputation with everyday Americans, we humbly suggest that it focuses its attention on anti-Semites in power, such as the contemptible Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and set aside the nakedly partisan attacks on Zionist Jewish Congressional candidates. In the meantime, we respond to this squalid pack of lies the same way the American people will – with ridicule and contempt,” Giorno wrote to conclude the press release.

Loomer’s brash approach to campaigning has resulted in her gaining a significant fundraising edge over her more established Democrat opponent. She hopes to win the U.S. House seat in Florida’s 21st Congressional district, which is home to President Trump’s lavish ‘Mar-a-Lago’ resort.

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