Laura Loomer Explains How the Biden Thought Control Regime Will Work to Destroy Pro-Trump Journalists

Pro-Trump journalist Laura Loomer explained during a recent appearance on BLP Live how she believes that President-imposed Joe Biden will impose thought control on journalists such as herself.

Loomer does not believe that conservative journalists will be rounded up under Biden, but they will instead be choked off slowly through the aggressive ramping up of deplatforming.

“I think what’s going to happen is you have Democrats that are already proposing legislation in the House and the Senate to deem MAGA rallies as terrorist events. You see the way that they are calling Trump supporters domestic terrorists, and people who were at the Capitol on Jan. 6 insurrectionists,” Loomer said.

“And what I think they are going to do is use that classification to put people on the No-Fly List and deem them as domestic terrorists so that they strip them of their 2nd Amendment rights,” she said.

Loomer brought up the fact that MSNBC hosts are already saying that Trump supporters in the homeland need to be treated like Al Qaeda or ISIS militants to prove her point.

“This is ridiculous. They are trying to declare against Trump supporters, and that’s why so many high profile and also outspoken Trump supporters in the media are being doorstepped by the FBI and having their families harassed because the FBI has been weaponized as the propaganda arm for the Democrat Party,” she said.

Big League Politics has reported on the FBI’s devious plans to revoke the Constitutional rights of Trump supporters under the Biden administration:

After last week’s mostly peaceful protests at the Capitol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intends to browbeat and scrutinize Trump supporters as criminals, CNN has announced.

The rationale is that all Trump supporters are “extremists,” and if their constitutional rights are honored and protected, they might commit domestic terrorism, or something. 

“Federal officials stressed on the call with state, local, tribal and college campus law enforcement leaders that the FBI will not tolerate extremists using the First Amendment as a guide to incite violence,” CNN reported.

Predictably, the Rooskies are being trotted out as a familiar scapegoat for the growing anger that is building against corrupt government officials in both parties.

“According to the source, federal officials said on the call that Russian actors have been amplifying the false narrative that members of Antifa infiltrated Trump supporters during the riot at the US Capitol, and the Chinese have seized on news stories showing chaos in the US,” CNN reported.

According to the article, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence are predicting that more violence is on the way.

“The violent breach of the US Capitol Building is very likely part of an ongoing trend in which (extremists) exploit lawful protests, rallies, and demonstrations, and other gatherings to carry out ideologically-motivated violence and criminal activity,” an intelligence brief from the deep state agencies stated.

The entire episode of BLP Live with Loomer can be viewed here:


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