Laura Loomer Exposes How Cancel Culture ‘Is the Doing of the GOP Establishment’

Former Congressional candidate and banished right-wing journalist Laura Loomer appeared on Big League Politics Live last week where she discussed many topics, including the many crimes of the Republican Party establishment.

Loomer explained how the GOP establishment will never lift a finger to support a conservative champion when they are running for office.

“The GOP establishment, they don’t want candidates who they can’t control, right. It’s why they wouldn’t back my candidacy and why they wouldn’t back Marjorie Taylor Greene’s candidacy,” Loomer said.

“They want people who are going to toe the line, and people who are just going to go along to get along,” she added.

Loomer explained that the Republican establishment only ever tepidly supported Greene to defeat her Democrat opponent in Georgia. Now that MTG is in office, they are realizing they cannot control her and have a major problem on their hands.

“Marjorie is a change agent, and she is becoming a political rock star because she’s not afraid to fight back. She’s not afraid to call out the Left’s hypocrisy, and she has been making a lot of waves especially with…proposing the articles of impeachment on Joe Biden and calling out a lot of the cancel culture that’s in place,” she said.

“And the thing is, conservatives love to just blame Big Tech and the radical Left for cancel culture, but we are seeing a lot of this is also the doing of the GOP establishment,” Loomer added.

Big League Politics has reported on the shameful treatment of MTG by the GOP establishment that now openly does the bidding of the Democrats:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is refusing to back down to liberal attacks, doubling down on her patriotic stances, and the people are rewarding her by filling her campaign coffers.

Greene announced on Tuesday night that she has raised nearly $200,000 to promote the MAGA agenda and fend off Uniparty attacks to marginalize her. Trump supporters have her back, as the establishment attacks prove she is the courageous America First warrior they have been seeking.

“I can’t thank you all enough for the outpouring of support I’ve received today. We’ve raised over $160,000 to send a message to the mob: It’s People over politicians,” Greene wrote in a message on the social media app, Telegram.

“I’m so honored to represent you, America First Patriots, in Congress. THANK YOU!” she added.

Greene has refused to back down as House Republican leaders plot with the Democrats to remove her from her committee assignments over various fake news reports…

These establishment attacks are giving Greene the authenticity and national profile she needs to take the reins of the America First movement from former President Donald Trump. The voters in North Georgia have made a wise choice by electing her.

The full episode of BLP Live with Loomer can be viewed on Rumble here:


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