Laura Loomer is Fighting Against Law that Would Politically Benefit Ron DeSantis

Congressional candidate and conservative personality Laura Loomer is opposing the Florida state legislature’s efforts to modify the state’s “resign to run” law, which mandates state lawmakers to abdicate their elected office if they run for higher office at the federal level.

There’s increased speculation that the Florida Republican party establishment is supporting this repeal to allow incumbent Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to throw his hat in the presidential ring and challenge Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential elections. 

Loomer is now calling on Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) leadership to consider resolutions opposing amendments to Florida’s “resign to run” law. 

She tweeted, “BREAKING: In cooperation with several Florida Republican Executive Committee members, and ahead of the @FloridaGOPRPOF quarterly meeting tomorrow, I have drafted a RESOLUTION for all RECs in FL’s 67 counties to oppose the FL legislature changing Florida’s “Resign to Run” law!” 

Loomer added:

We will be passing out hundreds of copies of this resolution at the RPOF quarterly this weekend, where every Florida Republican elected official is expected to attend, including @GovRonDeSantis. We will have extra copies for the Governor & his staff. ENFORCE ‘Resign to Run’!


The resolution singles out DeSantis and emphasized how he needs to focus on Florida’s political affairs as opposed to double-dipping by running for presidential office while nominally occupying Florida’s gubernatorial position. 

“Ron DeSantis is obligated to the electors of the State of Florida to serve the entire four years of his second term as he was elected to serve,” the resolution outlined.

She claimed on Twitter that a significant group of members of the Florida Republican Executive Committee (REC) were surprised the legislature is working to change the law to DeSantis’s benefit.

“My recommended resolution for Florida RECs has been passed out all afternoon at the RPOF quarterly in Orlando, FL!” she said on Twitter. “Every REC member and chair who has received it thus far supports it. Many are shocked to discover DeSantis is trying to change the law to benefit himself.”

Florida Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and House Speaker Paul Renner are in favor of changing the law in question, largely to allow DeSantis to enter the presidential ring. 

According to Jacob Ogles of Florida Politics, “Florida notably changed the law briefly when 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain was considering then-Gov. Charlie Crist for running mate, a job that ultimately went to then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.” He added that “the Legislature reverted the law shortly afterward.”

Loomer is a staunch pro-Trump supporter. She has made her preferences of Trump over DeSantis for President quite clear. 

“DeSantis is a showboater and a liar and it’s time for you to leave the DeSimps and get back on the Trump train,” she said in a tweet  directed to conservative journalist Chris Nelson.  “Wake up and realize DeSantis only talks a big talk for press.”

While this author has a more neutral view towards DeSantis, the fact that establishment Republicans want to change this law shows that they view DeSantis as a potential anti-Trump vehicle that could derail the former president’s re-election bid. At 44 years of age, DeSantis is still politically young and should not consider trying to derail Trump — a move that could potentially kill his future political aspirations. 

If anything, DeSantis should do everything possible to extend his time in office and serve as America’s most daring governor. That’s where his value truly lies. Once Trump is fully out of the political picture, then DeSantis can throw his hat into the presidential ring.

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