Laura Loomer Organizing Mass Protest at Twitter HQ, Social Media Blackout

Big League Politics contributor and conservative activist Laura Loomer is planning to protest big tech censorship of right wing personalities and ideas online by holding a physical protest at Twitter’s New York City headquarters, and by organizing a 48 hour social media blackout. (More Info At

“Every single day, conservatives on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are being shut down, silenced, and completely de-platformed and demonetized simply because they support President Donald Trump,” Loomer said in a video invite to participate in her protests.

“I am inviting you to partake in a protest with me on February 20, in front of Twitter’s headquarter office in New York City,” she continued. “Stand with me as we combat and fight back against social media bias of conservatives. This isn’t just about me. This is about all of us.”

Loomer is also organizing a social media blackout of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter from midnight on Feb. 18 to midnight on Feb. 20.

“Together, we can stop the bias,” she finished.

WATCH the whole invite:

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