Laura Loomer Threatens Daily Mail with Defamation Suit After Falsely Claiming She Supports Face Masks and COVID Vaccinations

Banished journalist and Congressional candidate Laura Loomer is threatening the Daily Mail with a defamation lawsuit after they lied about her position on face masks and vaccinations.

The tabloid rag posted that she did an about face on her position regarding face masks and vaccines after catching a bad case of COVID-19, which is a blatant falsehood.

The false headline posted by Daily Mail reads as follows:

“This is FAKE NEWS. I am completely against the COVID vaccine and masks. I have always been against the COVID vax and masking. Both have been shown to be ineffective in combating COVID. Daily Mail is lying,” Loomer wrote in a Telegram post.

“If Dailymail.Com doesn’t issue an immediate retraction, I will sue them for their absolute lies. I have NEVER told anyone to take the vaccine and I have never encouraged masking. I do not support masking, and I do not support the COVID vaccine. And I never will,” she added.

Daily Mail has kept the false claim up in a Twitter post that they have refused to remove as of Sunday night:

Big League Politics reported on how Loomer doubled down on her stance after being infected with COVID-19 even as liberals wished her to suffer and even die in certain cases:

Liberals are wishing for the death of Congressional candidate Laura Loomer following her diagnosis with COVID-19.

Showing their total lack of humanity and how their push for total submission has nothing to do with saving lives, they took to Twitter to celebrate her diagnosis and pine for her untimely demise…

Even though she has a rough case of COVID-19, Loomer remains defiant even while she is sick. She continues to produce content and campaign for Congress while dealing with the virus.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before I got it, and I accepted that risk over injecting myself with an experimental vaccine that has faced criticism and recalls around the world,” she wrote.

“I know I’ll recover just fine, and who knows the horrendous long-term effects I could have developed if I had taken the vaccine,” Loomer added.

Loomer recently announced her campaign to primary challenge Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) for the 11th Congressional district seat, as Big League Politics has reported.”

We will provide updates on this story if a defamation lawsuit against this despicable fake news outlet materializes.

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