Laura Loomer Warns of Loopholes Undermining Florida’s Big Tech Reform Proposal

Banished journalist and U.S. Congressional candidate Laura Loomer addressed the Florida state house on Monday to discuss problems with a proposed reform backed by Governor Ron DeSantis meant to tackle Big Tech censorship.

Loomer issued testimony before the House Appropriations Committee to state her concerns with House Bill 7013. She calls the measure a “bold first step to ensure the 1st Amendment rights of all Floridians are protected against the dangers Big Tech poses against free speech,” but feels the legislation needs additional provisions to fully address the problem.

“Effective bills have three strong pillars: clear definitions, effective protections, and strong punitive enforcements. In its current draft, the bill does not address candidates who were previously banned and deflatformed prior to running for office nor does it address current elected officials who could also be deplatformed,” she explained.

“Further, the bill does not appear to address penalties for telecommunication companies and internet service provider companies that similarly have been known to deplatform candidates, people, and business owners for simply having an opinion,” Loomer added.

Right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin posted Loomer’s entire speech on YouTube:

Malkin was far less diplomatic toward the Florida House, Gov. DeSantis, and the GOP in general for pushing inadequate legislation that she feels only pays lip service on the issue of combating digital censorship.

“Gullible conservatives have been led to believe that the DeSantis-backed anti-Big Tech bill in Florida would protect deplatformed political candidates like Donald Trump and Laura Loomer,” Malkin wrote in a post on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram.

“It will NOT. Nor will it affect banks, payment processors, and telecoms engaged in financially devastating censorship and discrimination against conservatives, nationalists & other persecuted dissidents. The proposed penalties are wrist slaps,” she continued.

“Only “journalistic enterprises” that are large and well-funded (e.g. corporate media) would be protected. Indie journalists/bloggers would be left out in the cold,” Malkin added. “As it is currently written, the DeSantis-backed bill smells more like a CPAC/2024 presidential campaign gimmick than the real deal. REWRITE AND FIX!”

Since the introduction of House Bill 7013 last month, Gov. DeSantis has been out giving speeches with pointed rhetoric against Big Tech.

“We’re going to shift the balance of power back to consumers and away from Big Tech, because Floridians are no longer going to be dictated to by those … companies,” DeSantis said. “We’re going to have a more balanced approach where consumers can, in part, control their most sensitive data.”

The legislation will need more work in order to neuter the tech monopolies. Big League Politics will continue to provide updates as House Bill 7013 moves through the legislative process in Florida.

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