Laura Loomer Writes Op-Ed Defending Gab From “Anti-Semitic Platform” Slander

Laura Loomer has written an op-ed for RT defending Gab from the accusation that it’s an “anti-Semitic platform.”

Loomer, who is Jewish, criticized both the charge and the hypocrisy of Texas governor Greg Abbott, who appeared in a video with two Texas lawmakers to denounce Gab as “anti-Semitic.”

You know what they say? Everything is bigger in Texas, and that seems to also apply to the free speech hypocrisy that was just displayed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has spent the last few weeks touting himself and his state as a place where free speech would be protected and Big Tech censorship wouldn’t be tolerated,” Loomer wrote. “Now, Governor Abbott has done a complete 180 and has publicly attacked the free speech site Gab, accusing it of being ‘anti-Semitic.’

Gab may have some anti-Semitic users, Loomer says, but it doesn’t follow that Gab is an anti-Semitic platform. If that were the case, then Twitter and Facebook would be anti-Semitic platforms, too.

She also says she feels welcome by the Gab community after being banned by practically every possible platform one could think of.

Read Loomer’s entire op-ed here. There’s plenty more that she has to say.

In related news, Big League Politics reported on how the Texas GOP refused to cave to the demands of its vice-chair and the anti-Gab remarks of Governor Abbott. The party’s communications team made a stand for free speech and decided not to deactivate its Gab account.

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