Lauren Boebert and Pro-Gun Congress Members Call Out Gun-Free Zones

In mid-December, 21 anti-gun Democrats sent out a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy requesting that Congress be turned into a gun-free zone for elected officials. This was largely done in response to incoming congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s public statement about her desire to carry a firearm while in Congress.

As a response to this anti-gun request, Boebert and 83 pro-Second Amendment members of Congress sent letters to Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthy asserting their support for the Second Amendment.

GOA’s Senior Vice President, Erich Pratt, chimed in on this matter on January 1, 2021: “Millions of Americans go to work every day while carrying firearms for self-defense. So why shouldn’t members of Congress or their staff be able to do the same? Criminals won’t follow the laws, and they will always manage to get their hands on weapons, regardless of the restrictions in place.”

Gun-free zones have been fixtures of American politics for the last few decades. According to pro-gun researcher John Lott, over 90 percent of mass shootings have taken place in gun-free zones since the 1950s given these areas’ lack of armed individuals to stand up against blood-thirsty criminals.

Leaders like Boebert will be needed to stand up against gun-free zones and other anti-Second Amendment measures that have been imposed on Americans over the last century. She has already demonstrated a mean streak not only when she confronted Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke for his pro-gun confiscation comments during the 2020 Democrat primaries, but also when she beat her Republican rival Scott Tipton in the GOP primaries by calling him out for being a mass migration shill.

Her energy is needed for a nationalist movement that is serious about shaking up the political establishment.

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