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Lauren Boebert Is Set to Co-Chair the Second Amendment Caucus

Boebert Will be a New Champion for the Second Amendment in Congress



Although the past week has been nothing short of chaotic, there are some solid developments on the Second Amendment front.

Incoming congresswoman Lauren Boebert will co-chair the U.S. House’s Second Amendment Caucus along with Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.

Boebert tweeted on January 3, 2020, “The Second Amendment is more important now than ever before, but the far Left wants to take it away.  @RepThomasMassie and I are fighting back. We just launched the Second Amendment Caucus, which we will be Co-Chairing, to fight for your Constitutional rights. #2A.”

On January 3, Boebert was sworn into office and she published a press release which KKTV quoted:

I am proud to take the oath of office to represent and serve the great people of Colorado’s Third Congressional District. Since the election, my team and I have assembled a powerhouse staff, established offices throughout the District, and positioned my office to hit the ground running on day one. I am going to work extremely hard to get the job done in a way that makes everyone proud in rural Colorado of their new Representative and more importantly, delivers results. Let’s get to work.

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News did an exclusive interview with Boebert in which she vowed to “carry a firearm each day in D.C.” She has made similar statements on previous occasions which has prompted overly-sensitive Democrats to call for banning guns in Congress.

She commented, “I’ve already gone through the concealed carry firearm courses to obtain a Washington, DC, permit.” Instead of driving from her place of residence to the capitol “in an armored vehicle” she will assume control of her own safety by carrying a handgun.

Boebert is a fighter who will play a crucial role in fighting against federal gun control and other attempts to infringe on Americans’ civil liberties. She will be part of the next generation of leaders who will be re-shaping the Republican Party and turn it into a nationalist political entity that fights to preserve American values.

The GOP will need more people like Boebert in office so that it can stay relevant and become a viable alternative against the cultural Left.

Big League Guns

White Pill: Montana House Moves Constitutional Carry Bill Forward

Constitutional Carry is one ray of hope for the Right.



On January 20, 2021, the Montana House of Representatives passed Constitutional Carry legislation, HB102.

Dean Weingarten of reported that the bill passed by a 66 to 31 margin.

Weingarten provided some context to the significance of this bill’s progress:

The bill is the accumulation of a decade and a half of struggle against Democrat Governors, who have repeatedly vetoed reform legislation passed with large majorities in the legislature. Numerous sections in the bill show the Montana legislature has learned the lesson from other states as they restore the right to keep and bear arms.

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Montana’s Senate is made up of 31 Republicans and 19 Democrats and Governor Greg Gianforte is a Republican, so the passage of this bill augurs well.  If passed, HB102 would make Montana the 17th Constitutional Carry state.

Montana is already a very gun-friendly state, and represents a low-hanging fruit for Second Amendment activists to tap into.

Constitutional Carry has been one of the most successful movements on the Right over the past twenty years. It’s easy to complain about the corrupt status quo, but there are still plenty of ways right-wingers can score victories. Constitutional Carry is one of them.

It would behoove the Right to analyze existing trends and build off movements that are already producing results. There’s no need to embark on quixotic campaigns that end up being total fools’ errands. Find what’s already working and run with it.

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