Lauren Witzke Explains How America First Patriots Can Organize Locally to Take Over GOP Politics

Former Delaware senate candidate Lauren Witzke recently appeared on Big League Politics Live to discuss the prospects for America First patriots in the Republican Party.

Even though the GOP is plagued with corruption with many elected officials rolling over for the vote steal, she believes that patriots need to double down and engage their communities to take over the party from the grassroots level.

“Keep pushing the window right. Keep making these people feel the heat. Don’t stop!” Witzke urged patriotic activists.

“I think we’ve gone far left enough, and we’re losing everything. We are losing our country, and it’s now the time to be bold and take your country back. Be a loud voice for things you believe in because I think there are a lot more people that feel the same way you do that you don’t know,” she continued.

“The silent majority is real, and everybody is looking around them and saying there is something very wrong… Ordinary families don’t want to chemically castrate their little boys and put them in a dress. This is current society and how far left it has gone. We don’t need to cede ground on anything,” Witzke added.

Witzke also mentioned her new job as a show host for Tru News, the Christian news platform that pulls no punches, and mentioned how alternative media is rising despite the institutional barriers set up by Big Tech to crush independent voices.

“We have to remember that we are literally fighting a satanic luciferian regime. That is who we are fighting. You cannot go into this fight without Jesus Christ. He is our greatest weapon,” she said.

“People are hungry for people who are going to fight for them, and that is where you are going to see a lot more organizations, Christian organizations, step up and start fighting where the political class has failed,” Witzke added.

She gave tips for ordinary Americans to get involved in politics at the local level in these crucial times to affect change in their communities.

“If you want to know how we win, get involved at the local level. Infiltrate your local Republican Party, run for school board, become a delegate so you get to help pick the candidates that the GOP is going to support. It starts locally,” Witzke said.

“We had some really good young America Firsters in the White House running in the Trump administration because they had worked their way in, and they were able to make a difference, and that is how you can make a difference,” she continued.

“Don’t ever think that you’re disqualified because you are too young. If you believe in it, and you’re willing to fight for it, get involved,” Witzke added.

The full BLP Live episode can be seen here:

Despite being deplatformed by the Big Tech censors, Witzke can be found on Tru News as well as through her Hold the Line PAC

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