LAUSD Is ‘Queer All School Year’

Pictured here: A section of a document revealing LAUSD’s open pushing of LGBT propaganda upon their student body.

Is the American public education system too far gone? A new report from American journalist and anti-critical race theory activist Christopher Rufo revealed numerous woke and far-left documents coming out of California’s Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Material coming from the nation’s second-largest school district included a trove of pro-LGBT and ‘Black Lives Matter’ propaganda.

An official LAUSD school calendar blatantly revealed the agenda of the district. The school plan sported the left’s infamous ‘pan-African’ LGBT flag, with the title “QUEER ALL SCHOOL YEAR” in giant pink letters.

Students were reportedly encouraged to use fictitious gender pronouns such as “they,” “ze,” and “tree” rather than the typical “he” or “she.” Rufo also discovered that school policy forbids teachers from telling parents about a student’s perceived ‘gender identity’ without the child’s consent.

Rufo wrote:

I have obtained a trove of publicly accessible documents from Los Angeles Unified that illustrates the extent to which gender ideology has entered the mainstream of the nation’s second-largest school district. Since 2020, the district’s Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity department has created an infrastructure to translate the basic tenets of academic queer theory into K-12 pedagogy. The materials include a wide range of conferences, presentations, curricula, teacher-training programs, adult-driven “gender and sexuality” clubs, and school-sponsored protests.

Finally, Los Angeles Unified has gone all-in on “trans-affirming” indoctrination. The Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity department has flooded the district with teaching materials, including, for example, videos from the consulting firm Woke Kindergarten encouraging five-year-olds to experiment with gender pronouns such as “they,” “ze,” and “tree” and to adopt nonbinary gender identities that “feel good to you.” The district requires teachers to use a student’s desired name and pronoun and to keep the student’s gender identity a secret from parents if the student so desires. In other words, Los Angeles public schools can facilitate a child’s transition from one gender to another without notifying parents. And the district is far from neutral: it actively celebrates sexual identities such as “pansexual,” “sexually fluid,” “queer,” “same-gender-loving,” and “asexual,” and gender identities such as “transgender,” “genderqueer,” “agender,” “bigender,” “gender nonconforming,” “gender expansive,” “gender fluid,” and “two-spirit.”

Breitbart News pointed out that one of the “Woke Kindergarten” clips mentioned in the aforementioned school material could be found in the 2020 video below:

This poisonous anti-human nature gender ideology is being pushed upon young American schoolchildren at a federal level as well. It was just earlier this week when Assistant U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine argued that every state in the country must offer “gender-affirmation treatment” to little kids. Levine, a man who believes he is a woman, argued that denying children the ability to mutilate their genitals or pump hormones of the opposite gender is part of a string of “politically motivated attacks” by various state legislatures.

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