Law Enforcement Use ‘Fog Reveal’ Feature on Cell Phones to Access Billions of Records of Data

Police nationwide are using a little known cell phone feature known as “Fog Reveal” in order to reveal “patterns of life” on individuals.

The company Fog Data Science LLC has given information that has been used in criminal investigations since at least 2018. It has even been used to track the movements of at least one Jan. 6 defendant in order to fuel that unconstitutional witch hunt against American patriots.

The company was created by two former Department of Homeland Security goons who worked under former President George W. Bush. They hoard advertising identification numbers, garnered from popular apps, that can create ads based on an individual’s personalized interests. This data is then sold to Fog Data Science where it can be monetized, weaponized and given to government officials.

“It’s sort of a mass surveillance program on a budget,” said Bennett Cyphers, a special adviser to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a group that fights back against mass surveillance.

The EFF gained the records proving the abuse of the “Fog Reveal” feature through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, which allowed them to garner a tranche of documents and emails that were given to The Associated Press. Fog defends their data being used to track and profile people without their knowledge.

“Local law enforcement is at the front lines of trafficking and missing persons cases, yet these departments are often behind in technology adoption,” said Matthew Broderick, a Fog managing partner, in response to the news. “We fill a gap for underfunded and understaffed departments.”

The company provides information showing unique user data that can indicate whether that target is at home or out in public. This is an obvious and egregious violation of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“The capability that it had for bringing up just anybody in an area whether they were in public or at home seemed to me to be a very clear violation of the Fourth Amendment,” said Davin Hall, who previously worked as a crime data analysis supervisor for a police department in Greensboro, N.C. “I just feel angry and betrayed and lied to.”

Fog maintains that “we have no way of linking signals back to a specific device or owner,” but this is an absurd notion. The data allows law enforcement to use geofencing to develop sophisticated profiles on individuals and search their unique ad ID numbers. With the amount of granular data provided by Fog, it is incredibly easy for analysts to fill in the gaps and find out the identity of any individual being profiled.

“We are confident Law Enforcement has the responsible leadership, constraints, and political guidance at the municipal, state, and federal level to ensure that any law enforcement tool and method is appropriately used in accordance with the laws in their respective jurisdictions,” Broderick said.

However, law enforcement officials admit that they regularly use Fog Reveal without any safeguards, including gathering data without a warrant.

“We push the limits, but we do them in a way that we target the bad guys,” said Kevin Metcalf, a Washington County, Ark. prosecutor. “Time is of the essence in those situations. We can’t wait on the traditional search warrant route.”

Americans are having their core rights violated in ways they cannot even comprehend. The deep state and the corporate state are at war with the U.S. Constitution. Big Brother is the undeniable reality facing mankind.

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