Lawsuit: 12-Year-Old Girl was Transitioned to Opposite Gender in Florida School Without Parental Knowledge Prior to Suicide Attempt

Whistleblower Christopher Rufo is drawing attention to a lawsuit from parents alleging their 12-year-old daughter was transitioned into her opposite birth gender without their consent, which ended up in the girl attempting suicide.

The Child & Parental Rights campaign filed the suit on Jan. 24 against school officials in Clay County for concealing the 12-year-old girl’s mental problems from her parents for months. They allegedly attempted to coach the child through her gender transition, which resulted in the girl’s two suicide attempts in the school bathroom.

A school counselor reportedly had secret grooming sessions with the child. The counselor also allegedly told teachers and students about the girl’s new “male” name without the child’s approval. This added to her stress levels and alienation from her fellow students. According to the lawsuit, it was not until after the second suicide attempt that the parents were told about what had occurred, including that the counselor was grooming the child into accepting a transgender identity.

The school officials are attempting to hide behind so-called “confidentiality rules” to gloss over their abominable actions and avoid culpability. The Child & Parental Rights Campaign believes that this is a cop out, and their actions explicitly violate the written guidance put out by Clay County Public Schools.

The Child & Parental Rights Campaign are also working on a similar lawsuit against school officials in Leon County, Fla. as well as lawsuits in the states of California and Wisconsin.

Big League Politics has reported on how promotion of the satanic LGBT lifestyle is resulting in more children committing suicide:

The LGBT poison is taking its toll on abused children as confused and brainwashed kids are considering suicide after being indoctrinated into that demonic lifestyle.

The Trevor Project, a LGBT advocacy organization, found that more LGBT youth are considering suicide than any time over the past three years. They found that 45 percent of LGBT youth have considered suicide over the past year, even as societal LGBT acceptance is at an all-time high.

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