Lawsuit: 16-Year-Old Boy was Given Estrogen Treatments by California Doctors Without Parental Consent

A shocking new lawsuit is alleging that government officials in California drugged a 16-year-old boy with estrogen for the purposes of behavioral modification.

Medical officials in a Los Angeles juvenile detention center reportedly decided to use a 16-year-old Hispanic kid as their guinea pig for Mengele-style experimentation. They dosed the child with estrogen, believing he had elevated testosterone levels that were causing him to misbehave.

According to the lawsuit, they classified the child with Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and targeted him with estrogen to make him less “aggressive.” Dr. Danny Wang and Dr. David Oh are employed by Juvenile Court Health Services and were allegedly involved in the abuse of this child.

WitnessLA noted that is very common for children to be diagnosed with behavioral disorders when they are admitted to juvenile detention centers. After the diagnosis is given, authorities can begin drugging the children admitted to the facilities to produce compliance. Dosing male children with estrogen though is a new phenomenon, enabled by LGBT perversion enveloping all of society.

The child reportedly received Estradiol, an estrogen supplement that is typically used by older women to combat the effects of menopause. He was allegedly issued a daily prescription without any consent given from the boy’s parents with his first estrogen treatment being administered via three vaccinations. The boy claims that medical personnel lied to him about the drugs he was receiving and that he was not permitted to refuse it.

He would tell his parents and his lawyer that he was afraid to fight back because authorities could have given him a negative “write up” that could have caused a judge to elongate his sentence. He claims his judge had threatened to worsen his sentence, or even send him to the harsher Department of Juvenile Justice system, if he was not a model inmate.

After he was dosed with the estrogen, the child reported that he immediately felt sick. His response was described as “physical, emotional, cognitive, and psychological” in the complaint. He eventually started forming breasts, which made him the source of ridicule among other inmates at the juvenile facility. Additionally, he broke out with pimples, developed anxiety and depression, and could not control his thoughts.

He was given estrogen for 13 straight days before he finally had to refuse, according to the complaint. The doctors explained to his parents at this point that he was receiving treatment but would not give them details about what the treatment was and how it was being administered.

“There is no any kind of indication that providing Estrodial to an adolescent male is any kind of accepted treatment for anything,” attorney Wes Ouchi, who is representing the child, told WitnessLA. “We think it was an experiment. And we think it’s likely not the only time they used the treatment, experimentally.”

Ouchi hopes to find out if this type of treatment has been administered to other children at the facility as well, which he describes as a “potentially criminal” act. Dr. Jorja Leap, an anthropologist and adjunct professor with UCLA who has worked on the LA County Probation Governance Report, is mortified by these allegations.

“These troubling developments point to the need for real oversight with power to hold probation — and those from other county agencies, who work inside probation’s facilities — fully accountable when they harm those in their care,” she said.

LGBT insanity has opened Pandora’s box regarding child abuse. Kids are not safe with these sodomites on the prowl and their predatory behavior encouraged throughout society.

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