Lawsuit Filed to ‘Cancel’ Jim Jordan as He is Set to Join Key Impeachment Panel

A lawsuit was filed on Thursday accusing Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) of ignoring a sexual assault complaint when he worked as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University (OSU) in 1994.

A referee, who is an anonymous man referred to as “John Doe 42” in the lawsuit, claims that disgraced team doctor Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him. He alleges that he reported the instance to Jordan, who reportedly said, “Yeah, that’s Strauss,” and brushed off the complaint.

Independent investigators found that Strauss sexually assaulted 177 male students over his two decades serving as team doctor for the OSU wrestling team. This is the second person who has claimed that they alerted Jordan about what took place with the House Freedom Caucus lawmaker sweeping the concerns under the rug.

“It was common knowledge what Strauss was doing, so the attitude was it is what it is,” the anonymous individual told NBC News.

“I wish Jim, and Russ, too, would stand up and do the right thing and admit they knew what Strauss was doing, because everybody knew what he was doing to the wrestlers. What was a shock to me is that Strauss tried to do that to me. He was breaking new ground by going after a ref,” he added.

Jordan has frequently denied all charges, claiming they are politically motivated attacks at his character in an age where the #MeToo witch hunt has created a feeding frenzy of false accusations.

“It’s not true,” Jordan said last year when the accusations of impropriety first surfaced. “I never knew about any type of abuse. If I did, I would have done something about it. And look, if there are people who are abused, then that’s terrible and we want justice to happen.”

“There’s no truth to the fact that I knew of any abuse,” he said to CNN. “I’ve talked to other coaches. They didn’t know of any abuse. That’s just not accurate to say those things that we knew of it and didn’t report it. It’s just not true.”

This new accusation comes forth at a time when Jordan is set to join the House Intelligence Committee. Jordan is seen as a bulldog who will advocate against the impeachment witch hunt that Democrats are plotting against the President. He talked about his new possible role during a recent appearance on Fox News.

“Democrats have turned the Intelligence Committee into an impeachment committee,” a senior Republican aide said to CBS News earlier this week. “We are interested in putting together the best team.”

The suspicious timing makes it seem like Jordan is getting Kavanaugh’d by a Democrat political operative. The Democrats will stoop to any measure to undo the 2016 presidential election, even if it means engaging in the politics of personal destruction against an innocent man.

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