Lawsuit to Preserve Southern History Kept Alive by Grassroots Support

The battle over the removal of a Confederate monument from a park in Dallas, Texas continues to drag on in court.

Back in March, the city’s Landmark Commission voted to remove the Confederate War Memorial from the Pioneer Park Cemetery.

However, a lawsuit which argues that the city didn’t follow procedure is now stalling the removal.

The parties responsible for filing the lawsuit were ordered to pay a $50,000 bond because the city claims it’s spending hundreds of dollars daily to keep the monument standing.

One of the individuals who filed the suit, Warren Johnson, said on Thursday, November 7, 2019 that Dallas residents raised the money in just over 25 days.

“We have been pounding the phones and pounding Facebook,” Johnson declared. “It has just been a marathon to raise money.”

Additionally, Dallas resident Chris Carter filed a separate lawsuit to keep the monument from being removed and helped raise money for the bond.

“Now the monument is under the protection of the courts,” Carter stated. “City Hall cannot touch it. They can’t do anything with it until legal proceedings are complete.”

Carter and Johnson have plans to take the lawsuit to trial.

“There is a huge groundswell of support to keep this monument in place,” Carter declared.

Monument removals are a calling card for the iconoclastic Left.

One part of their political correctness agenda, monuments removals serve the purpose of gutting America’s culture while letting the Left continue to dictate the pace in terms of shifting the politics further in the direction of complete thought-policing.


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