LEADERSHIP FAIL: Ron DeSantis ABANDONS Florida…and the City of Jacksonville Falls to a Democrat!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has abandoned his home state in recent months, gallivanting around the country and the world as part of his inevitable 2024 presidential bid.

The result of DeSantis’ self-serving behavior is disaster in the city of Jacksonville where an underfunded upstart Democrat candidate beat their Republican challenger earlier this week. This means Jacksonville, which was previously the largest city in the country under Republican rule, has fallen to the Democrats. It is a massive stain on the record of DeSantis, who has been puffing his chest out about what a “winner” he is for months now.

On Tuesday, Democrat Donna Deegan defeated Republican Daniel Davis in a runoff election to become the next mayor of Jacksonville. She won with 112,213 votes to Davis’ 103,888 votes. This tally was a little over 8,000. If DeSantis was in the state campaigning hard for Davis in the final days before the election, this means he could have easily swung the vote in his favor and saved the city from the Democrats.

Instead, Ron was out in Iowa hitting campaign stops, doing a shameful flagrant end around of Florida’s “Resign to Run” law:

The text of the “Resign to Run Law,” Florida Statutes Chapter 99.012 (4)(a), reads, “Any officer who qualifies for federal public office must resign from the office he or she presently holds if the terms, or any part thereof, run currently with each other.”

The “Resign to Run Law” was enacted to keep narcissistic, ego-driven politicians from abandoning the state of Florida to focus on their national ambitions to the detriment of their people. DeSantis has conducted a shadow campaign which relies on dark money super PACs to run his campaign while he travels the country under the guise of conducting a book tour. Journalist Laura Loomer has blown the whistle on DeSantis’ shady actions which she believes are illegal.

“When you think of Governor Ron DeSantis and the fact that he’s trying to pressure the Florida Republican legislature to change Florida law only to benefit himself and his political aspirations, the first thing that comes to my mind is self-serving political corruption. This is the type of thing that you would expect from Third World leaders, dictators, and authoritarian individuals who abuse the political system to further enrich themselves and carry out their dictatorships,” Loomer wrote in a Substack post.

The fruits of DeSantis’ illicit shadow presidential campaign are on full display with the dismal results in Jacksonville, which are the direct result of his dereliction of duty. He is leaving Florida in the dust, and the situation has caused President Trump to point out that “the magic is gone” from DeSantis as he abandons MAGA for the establishment.

“Wow! In a big upset, the DeSanctimonious backed Republican candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida, LOST. This is a shocker. If they would have asked me to Endorse, he would have won, easily. Too proud to do so. Fools! This is a BIG LOSS for the Republican Party. Remember, ‘Rob’ only won because of me!!!” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post.

DeSantis’ transformation from rising political superstar to the country’s leading RINO has been remarkable. Hubris will be the downfall of DeSantis, who could have stayed in Trump’s shadow and been a real contender in 2028 but blew it by selling out to the globalists and stabbing Trump in the back.

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