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LEAK: Ben Shapiro Sponsor Smears Charlie Kirk, Says TPUSA ‘Could Inflict’ ‘Permanent Damage’



First reported by Paul Joseph Watson, a club for college conservatives which exclusively sponsors Daily Wire founder and avowed NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro’s college speaking tour, issued an internal memo with a directive to steer young conservatives away from another popular group for conservative students.

“Although it runs counter to our instincts to advise students against becoming involved with other conservative organizations, students deserve to be warned about TPUSA,” said a leaked internal memo from Young America’s Foundation (YAF).

Turning Point USA (TPUSA), founded by Charlie Kirk, is perhaps the most well-known, and certainly the most rapidly growing campus club for young conservatives. The leadership of the group, including firebrand Candace Owens, is known to support President Donald J. Trump.

YAF, on the other hand, exclusively sponsors NeverTrump ringleader Ben Shapiro’s college lecture tour.

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Here is part of the the leaked memo:

Courtesy: Paul Joseph Watson

Courtesy: Paul Joseph Watson

“Kirk founded TPUSA with no college experience,” the memo says. “He has taken some classes, but has not graduated. His focus has always been on building his own brand, not strengthening the Conservative Movement.”

YAF is obviously concerned with building its own brand too. If the group was not worried about its brand losing value, it would not have put out a directive to avoid TPUSA. Apparently, YAF supports the free market only when it is winning. As Milton Friedman, one of the greatest free market economists ever to walk the earth once said, “Society runs on individuals pursuing their own self-interests.”

“The silence of conservative leaders enabled Kirk to build TPUSA at a fast pace,” the memo says. “The long-term damage TPUSA could inflict on conservative students and the Conservative Movement can no longer be ignored.”

The “damage” YAF is referring to is the “America First” brand of Republicanism made popular by Trump. YAF is surely looking to protect the neoconservative movement – one that supports “conservatives” like Bill Kristol, the entire Bush family, and of course Shapiro. This brand of conservatism has failed to conserve anything. It has lost on every issue that is supposedly important to “conservatives,” including but not limited to: small government, government spending, gay marriage, abortion, gun rights, and immigration.

Positive results in some of these areas under President Trump seem to have YAF hot and bothered. Never mind what the free market of ideas wants, YAF needs to retain its control so it can churn out the next generation of National Review-reading neocons who will elect President Nikki Haley (Globalist-SC) in 2024. Then the establishment will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and go back to business as usual. Is it any wonder these people sponsor Shapiro as their mouthpiece?

Worth noting, Shapiro was the keynote speaker at TPUSA’s Student Action Summit in December. Perhaps TPUSA flew too close to the sun by hosting YAF’s young star, and YAF panicked.

YAF can dream all it wants. The NeverTrump establishment is breathing its last breaths, never to be revived.

Peter D'Abrosca is an investigative journalist from the state of Rhode Island. He is the Senior Reporter at Big League Politics. Follow him on Twitter by clicking the icon below.


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Liberals Harass Trump Supporters For Visiting African American History Museum

The left think everything they disagree with is racist.



Despite President Donald Trump doing immense good for the black community, his enemies continually claim he is racist against black people. They downright ignore the historically low black unemployment rate, or the President’s recent pardons of black boxing legend Jack Johnson and non-violent drug offender Alice Marie Johnson.

So when a group of middle school students showed up at the National Museum of African American History and Culture with “Make America Great Again” hats on, it wasn’t surprising when liberals freaked out. An image of the young Trump supporters was posted on “The Jasmine BRAND” Facebook page.

While the students were simply on a class trip, and meant no disrespect with the hats, the comment section immediately jumped to conclusions. The universally accepted opinion in the comments is that they are racist, and wearing the hats as some sort of hateful statement.

Along with plenty of claims of racism, a number of people in the comment section either directly threatened harm on the boys in the picture, or hopes that somebody else would commit violence against them.

While this was just one example of kids wearing MAGA hats around Washington, D.C., a quick search on Twitter shows that it was not an isolated incident.

A student in attendance claims that one of the young men wearing a MAGA hat was cornered, threatened, and spat on for wearing that hat. A teacher stepped in and prevented any actual harm against the student being threatened.

It isn’t very surprising that many of the people they are condemning are younger boys. Studies in recent years have shown that kids growing up in the age of the internet are becoming increasingly right-wing.

UPDATE: A student in attendance reached out to correct a few minor issues with the story. The students wearing the hats were middle school eighth graders on a class trip. While a number of the students chose to take their hats off in the museum, a number chose to keep it on. This resulted in angry reactions from members of the public in the museum, including a group of men who cornered one student, forced him to take his hat off, and spat on him. 

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White House Trolls Media With PA System: “You guys are fake news.”

The media is triggered.



According to a Tweet from a Daily Mail Editor, on Friday morning White House staffers trolled the media while testing the PA system in the press wing of the White House. According to the Tweet, the staffers tested the PA system by saying “you guys are fake news” between the standard microphone testing method of saying “test, test, test, 1-2-3-4-5.”

Needless to say, this angered many on the left, who let their anger known on Twitter.

Along with the expected Tweets of anger, at least one person presumably on the left used this as an opportunity to spread a weird conspiracy theory about the White House staff knowing something about the recent suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

President Donald Trump has made his opposition to the media well known, referring to left-wing media outlets as “fake news.” He famously refused to take questions from “news outlets” like Buzzfeed during his historic Presidential campaign.

The President’s staff at the White House is simply mirroring past comments from the President.

This act of hilarious trolling is sure to put a smile on the face of Trump supporters, and I’m sure at least a few of them would love to buy the unnamed troll a beer if he stopped by Trump’s nearby hotel in Washington, D.C.

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Thousands of Trump Fans Boo #NeverTrump Bob Corker To His Face

He was embarrassed.



If you’re going to attack President Trump, it’s probably not a good idea to show your face at one of his campaign rallies. But soon to be former U.S. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee didn’t get that memo, and showed up anyway.

During the rally, President Trump introduced Sen. Lamar Alexander, immediately followed by his colleague Bob Corker. While Alexander received applause, the entire crowd booed Corker, who was standing in the crowd at the time.

Trump was in Tennessee to show his support for Rep. Barbara Blackburn who is fighting to take Corker’s place in the Senate after his term expires.

Corker, who has always been weak on many of Trump’s important issues, has gone off the rails in the past year. He first made waves attacking the President, claiming that he is “debasing” the nation, and that he was “not going to rise to the occasion as president.”

Those statements caused President Trump to fire back, calling Corker a “lightweight.”

He has also more recently angered Tennessee Republicans after praising the Democrat opponent of Blackburn, and taking an unnecessarily long amount of time to give her an endorsement, which was seen as very weak.

Sen. Corker appears to have angered Republicans in his home state so bad that even Trump’s introduction isn’t enough to make them like him.

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