LEAK: Email Allegedly Reveals P&G Ordering Employees To Stop Discussing New Gillette Ad

Gillette President Stop Discussing Ad

A leaked email allegedly sent by Hanley King, the President of Global Client Lead at Gillette’s parent company Proctor and Gamble, instructs employees not to discuss the new Gillette “Be a better man” advertisement on social media due to the controversy.

In the leaked email, King notes that the advertisement has stirred “a lot of debate” on social media, and then instructed P&G employees to refrain from participating.

“Whilst it may be tempting to weigh in on this debate, it is absolutely not something we should be doing,” King allegedly wrote, “Please don’t do so and make sure your people don’t either.”

The ad, which many decried for its anti-masculinity message and was called out by everyone from mainstream conservatives to YouTube sensation PewDiePie, is apparently a third rail topic for the company.

Gillette President Stop Discussing Ad

Apparently fearing some P&G employees may also dislike the Gillette ad, King noted “Your personal opinion is obviously your right BUT in this case P&G is publicly taking the stance that the Gillette ad worked in creating conversation,” he added, “We do not want to be seen taking an [sic] contra opinion.”

“No matter what we really think about the ad, it is a very sensitive topic at P&G and we don’t need to be publicly in this debate.”

The email also indicated that should the company not appear unified in its positive attitude toward the advertisement and its message, it could make it more difficult for the company to expand into new markets.

“Could you please make sure all members of your teams are aware of this,” the email concluded.

Big League Politics reached out to King to determine whether or not the email was actually sent by him or whether he has a comment on the communication, and did not receive an immediate response.

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