LEAKED CHATS: Biden Campaign Volunteers Instructed Not to Talk About Actual Policy

New leaked internal chats from a messaging channel used to coordinate Joe Biden volunteers reveals that the campaign has expressly instructed his campaign workers not to talk about his potential policies as President.

The Biden campaign instead wants its volunteers, who are currently focused on making calls to voters in swing states, to focus on Biden’s supposed “values” as opposed to serious governmental policy proposals.

Big League Politics can now reveal the leaked chats in which a Biden campaign official instructs a volunteer to ignore serious policy topics and instead focus on Biden’s personality.

The campaign employee instructing volunteers to dismiss policy conversations with voters explains that such an approach would lead to “conflict,” ignoring the reality that a democratic presidential election itself is intended as a democratic conflict of ideas and proposals for the future of the nation.

Liberals and corporate Democrats love ignoring pertinent policy issues on immigration, national security, law and order, and the economy in order to launder widely unpopular and elitist status quo Washington D.C. governance into power.

The election has tremendous significance on the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, and will effect them in turn. The Biden campaign seems to be hoping that the public will discount this reality and instead focus on Biden’s supposedly harmless and affable personality, to the detriment of a real political conversation about public policy.

This isn’t a show for a candidate to show off his manners, it’s a democratic exercise to determine who will be the leader of the free world.

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