Leaked Chats Indicate Lincoln Project Neocon Steve Schmidt Plotting Senate Campaign as Grift Collapses

Lincoln Project loudmouth Steve Schmidt is planning to run for the US Senate in Utah, with leaked Twitter DM’s from a former employee of the organization revealing as such in a conversation with a journalist.

It’s all but certain that Schmidt would run as a Democrat.

Former Lincoln Project employee Jennifer Horn revealed as such in leaked chats briefly published by the Lincoln Project’s official Twitter account. Whoever was running the account appears to have accessed and published chats between Horn and a journalist investigating the corruption of the neocon grift. Horn referred to a campaign against Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee, who is up for reelection in 2022.

The publication of DM’s from Jennifer Horn’s private Twitter may constitute a telecommunications crime, with Lincoln Project lawyer George Conway even admitting as such.

The Lincoln Project has been rocked by revelations regarding sexual harassment and grooming of teenage and young men on the part of its founder, John Weaver. The group appears to have been caught in a lie regarding its knowledge of Weaver’s behavior, which included grooming of a 14-year old boy.

Hours after the Lincoln Project leaked the private communications of a former employee, six other former employees stepped forward, asking to be released from non-disclosure agreements with the organization. A press release from the anonymous ex-Lincoln Project operatives expressly referenced knowledge of Weaver’s grooming and sexual harassment.

A report from the AP also revealed that the group spent roughly a third of the $90 million they raised for an anti-Trump commercial campaign on actual political messaging, spending the remainder to enrich businesses owned by the consultant operatives affiliated with the organization. More than a million dollars was also spent on a luxury property on the part of Schmidt.

With the Lincoln Project’s days seemingly numbered, it’s only the logical next step for its has-been establishment consultants to continue the grift under the official auspices of the Democratic Party. Schmidt might not receive such a warm welcome in a Democratic primary, however, with President Joe Biden himself urging his political staff to eschew any contact or cooperation with the tainted “pedophile project.”

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