Leaked Chinese Data Suggests Country Could Have Up to 640,000 Confirmed Coronavirus Diagnoses

Leaked data from a Chinese military-run university suggests the country may be incurred a real confirmed coronavirus diagnosis count as high as 640,000, a figure higher by an order of magnitude over the country’s claimed total case count of 80,000.

The so-called virus tracker was reportedly created by China’s National University of Defense Technology, and leaked to Foreign Policy magazine. The program was created to document recorded coronavirus diagnoses. It contains approximately 640,000 updates of information, some of which presumably detail more than one incidence of a coronavirus diagnosis.

The data also reveals that coronavirus has spread to more than 230 different cities. Chinese authorities have claimed that the disease is largely a regional problem limited to Wuhan and Hubei, whereas the virus has proved capable of spreading quickly in many differing locations in big countries such as the United States.

The online virus database claims to have cited their coronavirus diagnosis information from “China‚Äôs health ministry, the National Health Commission, media reports, and other public sources.” If so, they would be privy to China’s real coronavirus statistics, which contrast starkly with the information the Chinese government has released to the world. China still claims it’s incurred roughly 82,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and 4,633 deaths as of Friday.

Whistleblowers have been questioning the country’s comparatively low diagnosis count in spite of the disease originating there, but China has consistently stood behind what appear to be the deflated statistics.

China’s coverup and deception of the spread of coronavirus is well documented. The nation’s Communist authoritarian government initially obfuscated the evidence that coronavirus was capable of transmitting from human-to-human, despite broad consensus within the Chinese medical and scientific community that the virus spread in such a fashion.

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