Leaked Disney Video Promotes Transgender Flag, Normalizes Men Having Periods

Christopher F. Rufo obtained a leaked video form Disney’s upcoming show “Baymax,” which promotes the transgender flag to children, and the idea that men can have periods – WATCH:

As Rufo stated on Twitter, this is “all part of Disney’s plan to re-engineer the discourse around kids and sexuality.” This shared scene is overt symbolic evangelism. And it’s normalizing the idea that trans men are just like women in that they can get periods and have babies.

Rufo is a writer, filmmaker, and self-proclaimed activist with the Manhattan Institute and City Journal. He routinely calls out Disney and has been one of the leading voices exposing the woke company for its indoctrination and advancement of LGBTQ+ themes in kids’ content.

In one of his widely circulated articles, Rufo argues that Disney is interested in your kids and that the woke corporation has a self-described “not-at-all secret gay agenda.” Per the piece: “Disney executives organized an all-hands meeting, called the ‘Reimagine Tomorrow Conversation Series,’ and pledged to mobilize the entire corporation in service of the ‘LGBTQIA+ community.’”

Going further, Rufo discovered Disney’s ambitious new initiatives seek to change everything from “gender pronouns at the company’s theme parks” to the “sexual orientation of background characters in the company’s films.”

Disney has been pushing its LGBTQ+ agenda despite backlash from countries that have deemed the LGBTQ+ concepts too inappropriate for children. The woke company seemingly doesn’t care that its popularity is tanking due to the inclusions, as Disney continues to double down on its efforts to make its films more “LGBTQ friendly.”

Jack Posobiec, the host of the Human Events Daily podcast, shared an exclusive interview with Breitbart where he explained that Disney is willing to lose money on woke movies like Lightyear and Strange World to invest “into shifting the culture.” And ultimately “advance leftist politics in American culture and beyond.”

Per the post on Breitbart: “Posobiec noted how the Federal Reserve’s increasing use of left-wing criteria in its lending selections — billed ESG, an acronym for ‘environmental, social, and governance’ — benefit politically aligned companies and institutions.”

Moreover, Posobiec determined that Disney views a financial loss on Lightyear as an “investment in changing political culture.” He then went on to explain that companies like Disney “look at these as investments into shifting the culture forward in their direction, and that’s why they push things like this.”

Parents shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Disney to redirect its course and priorities. It appears that the ship has sailed and that the woke corporation has decidedly chosen to push forward with its LGBTQ+ agenda despite public outrage and financial losses.

They are playing the long game and trying to influence the culture as part of a larger investment. And Disney has no plans of slowing down.

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