Leaked Documents Show How DHS Uses Nonprofit Organizations to Launder Regime Propaganda

WASHINGTON – Employees of the Department of Homeland Security based in the National Capital Region honor 14 years of dedication and hard work with a celebration at DHS Headquarters in Washington, D.C., March 29, 2017. Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly addressed more than 200 employees thanking them for their service, participated in a cake-cutting ceremony and kicked off of a 1.4 mile fun/run walk for the employees. Official DHS photo by Matthew Harmon.

Leaked documents exposed by The Intercept show how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses nonprofit organizations to launder regime propaganda, as the feds run a sophisticated thought control operation that is designed to look organic when it is really run from the top down.

Meeting minutes from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Cybersecurity Advisory Committee, which features former Twitter lead of legal policy, trust, and safety Vijaya Gadde and other influential corporate and academic figures, show that the committee released a report where they encouraged snooping on “social media platforms of all sizes, mainstream media, cable news, hyper partisan media, talk radio and other online resources” in order to police information in an Orwellian dragnet.

They called on the government to shape the “information ecosystem” by creating propaganda to bolster “key democratic institutions, such as the courts, or by other sectors such as the financial system, or public health measures.” Geoff Hale, head of the Election Security Initiative at CISA stated that the feds must use independent-sounding nonprofits as a “clearing house for information to avoid the appearance of government propaganda.”

Big League Politics reported on the Biden regime’s aborted attempt at creating a Disinformation Governance Board to tasked with performing thought control:

The Disinformation Governance Board is a major passion project for liberal world order elites. Even though most Americans despise it for its Orwellian and hypocritical endeavors.

Fortunately, thanks to massive backlash, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has officially terminated the initiative.

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