LEARN TO CODE: 3,100 Media Hacks Have Lost Their Jobs This Year

3100 Media Hacks Lost Job This Year

Showing just how useless the national mainstream media is, over 3,100 professionals in the media have lost their job so far this year, in what could be termed a massive win for the Learn To Code movement.

While conservative media continues to be strangled by big tech through deboosting, deplatforming, and algorithmic manipulation, they continue to persist while mainstream media outlets fold and decrease their work force simply because nobody is reading them.

Business Insider reported:

The media industry continued to execute large cuts in June as MAD Magazine, Pride Media, and Meredith reduced headcounts.

The cuts followed large rounds of layoffs earlier in the year from companies including BuzzFeed, Verizon, and Vice Media.

The massive cuts so far this year represent a recent trend in media that has seen upstart companies and newspapers alike shrinking and disappearing.

Aside from BuzzFeed, Verizon, and Vice Media, Business Insider notes that MAD Magazine, Issue 10, Jet, Ebony, Quartz, and other publications, including LGBT magazines, will all lay off employees or cease production.

The most recent large publication to bleed writers was Vice Media, as Big League Politics reported:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vice is expected to cut 10 percent of its workforce.

“Around 250 jobs are expected to be cut, a company spokeswoman tells The Hollywood Reporter, as the 2,500-person Vice reduces redundancies internationally and reorients to focus on growth areas like film and television production and branded content. All departments at every level are expected to have layoffs, from IT to finance to television,” the report said.

The layoffs come just a week after BuzzFeed and HuffPost announced cuts to their own staffs. All in all, it’s a tough time to be in the leftist fake news business.

While Twitter will still ban users for suggesting unemployed journalists pick up a new skill to make ends meet, coding for example, it appears the Learn To Code movement is swelling in its ranks every day. In fact, the industry may soon become so overrun with out of work journalists turned coders that the comfortable wages enjoyed by the industry could easily soon decline.

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