Leave The Kids Alone: Protester Harassed And Assaulted At Child Drag Show

Video has been released of a tumultuous group in Dallas, Texas, harassing and obstructing a city resident while he was walking down the street outside of a widely reported on drag queen event meant for children.

The video was released by independent journalist Tayler Hansen, and begins with a masked group of more than five assailants harassing and assaulting a Black Dallas resident who was reportedly part of a protest against an event being held in the area.

The bar in question is a Dallas bar named “Mr. Misster.” The event, called the “Drag Your Kids to Pride” show, was held on Saturday and revolved around drag queens and children, with activities ranging from musical chairs to a sexualized show by the drag queens in attendance — which children took part in.

The man is seen being confronted by several masked, seemingly-White belligerents who are blocking his path, screaming in his face and shoving him, as well as hitting him with their shoulders and chests. 

Warning: This video is unedited and contains explicit language.


Determined to not be swayed by their intimidation, the man veered off to the right and informed the emboldened group that he was allowed to walk down the street. They scrambled to surround him, ironically screaming, “Leave the kids alone.” 

The man continued to evade their attempts to stop him, telling them repeatedly to “get out of the way.” The group can be seen grabbing and shoving the physically dominant man as he continued to move down the street undeterred by the blatant public attack.

The evidently malnourished aggressors were unable to contain the man as he continued to march down the street, having to change angles occasionally when his opponents grouped up to strengthen their collapsing front line. As the combined strength of the masked assailants failed to impede the man’s forward motion, some in the group became more aggressive with their pushing and screaming. 

Growing tired and realizing the fruitlessness of their efforts, the awkward and unathletic group was left behind by a spin and swim move combination, creating a lane to leave the likely intoxicated aggressors behind for good. But just as the man was about to break free from his dysgenic oppressors, he was grabbed and pushed by a Dallas plainclothes police officer, joined by his partner, who proceeded to team up with the masked group, making no attempt to arrest any of its members for their blatant assault and harassment. 

Shockingly, the incompetent officers began accusing the man of chasing “people down the street,” a claim there is no evidence for in the video. But he may have been referring to the group standing in front of him, a group that was, in fact, chasing him down the street.

He responded to the officer, “I haven’t chased anybody. They chased me. Me! While you’re in my face.”

At one point, the man had clearly taken enough abuse, asking one officer, “Now, can I continue to walk down the damn street … in Dallas … where I live? Or can I not walk down the street?”

Eventually, the abusive group and their recruits in the Dallas Police Department let the man continue down the street. 

It’s heartening to see that some people in society still care about what happens to American children surrounded by the poisoned culture propagated by nearly every institution of influence.

When watching the video, one may be reminded of pro-Trump events in 2016 and 2020, where police officers stood by as defenseless attendees were assaulted by violent mobs — in some cases directing Trump supporters into hordes of unbalanced and violent groups who committed serious acts of violence against them.

In this case, no serious violence was committed. But it’s interesting to note that the police were there not to arrest this innocent man’s harassers or to break up the sexual abuse of children happening inside the Mr. Misster bar, but to obstruct protesters standing up for the children dragged into a sexual and toxic environment, while society ignores or applauds.

Note: There was no video obtainable showing what happened immediately before this incident.


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