Left Media Misleads and Misleads Again: ‘Trump Told Governors They’re On Their Own’

On Monday, Presidnent Donald J. Trump had a conference call with governors to discuss plans concerning the coronavirus pandemic. If you found out about this conference call via Left wing media outlets, particularly the New York Times, you were likely severly misled.

The New York Times, along with a few other publications, ran headlines like “Trump to Governors on Ventilators: ‘Try Getting It Yourselves.'”

Trump did not say the governors had to fend for themselves. Rather, Trump said, “respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves. We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Points of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.

The headlines obviously (and likely intetionally) left out this extremely important context.

Making matters even worse was the fact that these seemingly intentionally misleading headlines were backed up with tweets from NY Times employees and big name Leftists.

Julie Bosman, a national correspondent for the New York Times, tweeted a partial quote from Trump, making it appear as if he was declining to help governors. She expressed her outrage (or supposed disbelief) at what Trump had said by simply saying, “Wow.”

Another New York Times employee (this one from their editorial board), Mara Gay, also helped spread this Fake News. You might remeber Mara Gay from another recent controversy.

She was in the news not too long ago for thinking that 500 million dollars divided into 327 million people would equal over one million dollars per person. It’s actually just a little over one dollar per person.

When caught in this error, she didn’t laugh it off and admit it was a really dumb mistake. Nope. She claimed the corrections were motivated by racism.

In this case, Mara Gay didn’t simply make a stupid math mistake, she outright lied. She tweeted, “Trump told governors this morning they are on their own….”

There were many other mainstream, Leftists doing the same. For instance, David Corn, bureua in cheif at Mother Jones and MSNBC analyst, and Bill Palmer, a blogger with over 300,ooo twitter followers:


Erickson is right, too. There is no question why the distrust of the media is high.

Every chance the mainstream, leftist media outlets get to manipulate and twist something Trump has said, they jump at it. This is causing a major divide in this country, even on an issue that in theory should be completely non-politcal.

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