Left-Wing Grifter Found Inside the U.S. Capitol is Hated by Black Lives Matter Activists

Many conservative outlets are running with the news that one left-wing activist made his way into the U.S. Capitol during last week’s siege and spinning a conspiracy that ANTIFA was behind the entire operation.

This is fake news that can be dispelled with basic research into John Sullivan, the provocateur who entered the U.S. Capitol with an accomplice to foment and document the chaos. 

Independent news outlet The Grayzone reported about Sullivan’s reputation in Utah among Black Lives Matter activists. He is not a leader of the BLM movement, but rather a pariah, because he has fanned the flames at every turn for his own self-serving purposes.

According to self-described BLM and anti-fascist activists familiar with the 26-year-old Sullivan, he is best known for his propensity for inspiring chaos, engaging in counterproductive tactics that often trigger arrests, and consistently undermining BLM objectives. From Salt Lake City to Portland to Washington, DC, left-wing activists consider him persona non grata,” journalist Max Blumenthal wrote.

Blumenthal interviewed activists to fully understand why Sullivan is despised in the Black Lives Matter community.

If there’s violence to instigate, he will raise it to another level. But he’s not the one that does it,” Sean Michael Love, a DC-based BLM activist who publishes Blackhouse News, said about Sullivan. “And that’s a dangerous type of person. That’s one of the most dangerous types of people to me.”

Sullivan is facing charges of criminal mischief and inciting a riot in Provo, Utah. He has received additional charges for entering into the U.S. Capitol and fanning the flames amidst a surreal scene.

His own brother, James, explains that this left-wing agitator is mentally ill and addicted to chasing media celebrity. 

What he does is he creates hysteria, and he takes these phony videotapes of it, so that’s why he got kicked out of the movement [in Utah],” James Sullivan said. “They kicked him out because he would he would instigate violence to the point that people would get would get arrested. And then he would get views on Facebook or YouTube… He’s doing it for attention.”

There is additional fake news that is circulating among conservatives that Sullivan’s associate or accomplice, filmmaker Jane Sacker, is an employee of CNN. However, there is no record of Sacker being anything other than a guest on a CNN show. This fake news is being used to falsify the record and obfuscate the truth about what happened at last week’s Capitol siege.

Big League Politics has debunked conservative fake news and conspiracy theories that ANTIFA leftists were behind last week’s events:

Less than a week after the infamous U.S. Capitol siege took place, many conservative talking heads – perhaps in an attempt to protect President Donald Trump from the nuclear fall-out – are claiming that ANTIFA terrorists were responsible for the mayhem that ultimately resulted in five people dead…

However, investigative work by Big League Politics shows that there is no real evidence showing that this event was promulgated or set up by ANTIFA and the political establishment.

In fact, there is more evidence showing that this was a spontaneous uprising of angry patriots who have been pushed past the breaking point.

As a reporter who was embedded in the thick of the chaotic scene, I personally witnessed protesters singing “God Bless America” and “I’m Proud to be an American” while they were being tear gassed and flash banged by authorities.

Protesters were risking life and limb to climb up scaffolding to wave the American flag and boldly display their patriotism. Chants included “USA! USA!” and “We the People,” with constitutional iconography being found everywhere…

Conservatives claiming that the demonstrators dressed in black was proof that they were ANTIFA. However, Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio noted that members of his group were going dark for the rally to make it more difficult to be targeted with the additional heat on the organization.

“We will not be wearing our traditional Black and Yellow,” said Tarrio, who was banned from Washington D.C. during the rally.

“We might dress in all BLACK for the occasion,” he added.

If John Sullivan and his associate were not present at the Capitol siege, the entire situation would have proceeded in the exact same manner. Conservative personalities are throwing pro-Trump demonstrators to the wolves in a pathetic and anti-patriotic attempt to protect their grift.

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