Left-Wing Soros Front Targets Christian, Anti-Illegal Immigration Groups for Big Tech Demonetization

Left-wing thought control groups are targeting patriotic Christian and anti-illegal immigration groups for the next round of Orwellian censorship by Big Tech monopolies.

Fake news outlets like NBC are putting these conservative groups in their crosshairs so that they will be demonetized and potentially thrown off social media platforms. They published anti-American, anti-constitutional propaganda on Tuesday capriciously maligning certain organizations as “hate groups” so they can be destroyed by Big Brother.

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a George Soros front that partners with the progressive oligarch’s Open Society Foundations, has produced “intelligence” that will be used to justify more Draconian repression to quell free speech. The ISD has partnered with the Global Disinformation Index, another organization backed by thinktanks with Soros ties, to promote their agenda to thwart the Bill of Rights.

They report that 73 so-called hate groups based in America can use 54 different online funding platforms, including but not limited to PayPal, Stripe, Facebook and Amazon. They are also hoping to deny nonprofit status to these groups, lobbying to have their political biases codified into law.

“We’ve seen offline and online mobilization of hate throughout 2020, both relating to the pandemic and to the election campaign,” said Jacob Davey, who works as the ISD’s senior research manager. He wrote the flagrantly biased report titled, “Bankrolling Bigotry: An Overview of the Online Funding Strategies of American Hate Groups.”

“Many groups have mobilized real-world violence over the course of this year, and the election itself remains a vulnerable moment for potential hostility,” he added.

Of course, the real world violence has come from the left-wing hate groups ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, who freely organize terror campaigns on social media platforms and raise funds in conjunction with the Democrat Party. They see no problem with this, however, and maintain that the real threats are Christian, family-oriented groups and organizations that want to secure U.S. borders.

Joan Donovan, research director at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, noted that left-wing thought control groups like ISD as well as the Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, Center for Media and Democracy, and Color of Change have been successful in creating an frenzied media atmosphere dominated by extremists in which free speech from conservatives is “no longer tolerated socially.”

“You can’t maintain a business when the people who work for you don’t want to work for you,” said Joan Donovan, research director at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. She touts the success of liberal pressure campaigns in snuffing out freedom of expression.

“The broad umbrella of ‘tech won’t build it’ will over time start to make an impact. What’s unfortunate, of course, is we shouldn’t have to wait,” she added.

Donovan believes that liberals “shouldn’t have to wait” for Big Tech to institute the Orwellian Nightmare through the private sector. She believes that Congress and other government officials should eviscerate the 1st Amendment of the Constitution to prevent hate speech, which is a neologism for the free speech of her political opposition.

The ISD targeted organizations such as VDARE, the American Family Association, and American Patriots USA in their report as hate groups who should be frozen out of the marketplace by a monopoly of corporate giants. The ISD lists the U.S. State Department as a strategic partner, meaning that the feds are actively working with the Soros front group.

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