LEFT-WING TERROR: Driver in Custody After Allegedly Shooting at Trump Supporters at Rally in South Carolina

A driver has been accused of shooting his firearm at a group of Trump supporters who were gathered at an overpass in Fort Mill, S.C. on Monday.

The Trump supporters had gathered to show their patriotism at the overpass on Interstate 77. A Charlotte man has been accused of firing at the group, and that individual is reportedly in police custody now.

Witnesses said to a local reporter that the man was in a red car and screamed profanities before allegedly discharging his firearm. After the weapon was fired, the suspect allegedly drove onto the interstate in an attempt to get away. Angie Freeman noted that entire families were at the event, and they did nothing to instigate the driver’s anger other than having a good time supporting their president.

“Everybody was cutting up and having fun and laughing and everybody on 77 was blowing the horns and waving,” Freeman said. “We had all the windows down because we had all the flags out the windows, and it was very loud and it was four or five shots.”

“You could tell that they slowed down and I just heard, like, ‘Da da da,’ you know just three rapid, what definitely sounded like gunfire,” said Shawna Winter, another Trump supporter who attended the gathering. “I think it’s a shame that we can’t show our support for our president.”

Marquise Damarius Asomani, a 23-year-old black man, is being held by police in connection with the shooting. He has been charged with six counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, one count of pointing and presenting firearms at a person, one count of unlawful carrying of a pistol, and possessing a firearm at a violent crime.

Big League Politics has reported about other instances of left-wing terrorism perpetrated against Trump supporters, including a case in Florida of a deranged liberal trying to run down pro-Trump Republican activists with his car:

The suspect in a case of a van attack this past weekend in which a GOP voter registration tent was targeted has admitted that his rampage was politically motivated, according to the police report filed after the incident.

The testimony from the suspect indicated that he considers himself a member of the far-left resistance and felt that he had a duty to make President Trump’s supporters suffer. He told officers that he committed his premeditated attack because “someone had to take a stand.”

He made a video to document his “stand” and recorded himself talking for a bit before he mustered up the courage to actually go through with it. He lamented to police that the video cut out before the “good part,” meaning when he attempted to vehicular homicide against the Trump supporters. Thankfully nobody was hurt by the attack.

The suspect was adamant about his hatred of President Trump, and said that “it’s like someone s**tting on your grave,” presumably referring to the Trump supporters he hated and wanted to harm. This information comes from the police report filed after the suspect was brought into custody…

This looks to be another instance of a left-wing extremist terrorist who was whipped into a frenzy by the irresponsible fake news and radicalized Democrat Party.

Trump’s MAGA movement is the only thing keeping the extremists from cannibalizing what’s left of America. Trump supporters will need to continue standing boldly and be undaunted by violent left-wing maniacs heading into November.

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