Leftie Matthew Doloff Charged With First Degree Murder in Shooting of Patriot Prayer Demonstrator in Denver

30-year old Matthew Doloff was booked into the Denver jail system on charges of first-degree murder in the shooting of a Patriot Prayer demonstrator in the city’s Civic Center on Saturday.

Doloff appears to have been in the service of a 9NEWS reporter as a private security guard when he shot and fired a conservative demonstrator. He had been involved in a minor scuffle with the thus unidentified victim before shooting him in the head, and the victim only used pepper spray against his assailant when Doloff pointed a gun at him.

Doloff owns a farm and is affiliated with some sort of music business. He was positively identified as the shooter at the Denver protest through his distinctive space invaders tattoo, imagery that his music business also uses on Instagram.


His business had expressed support for Black Lives Matter protests in Denver recently.


By all indications, Doloff appears to be a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter. He’s ‘liked’ content with Bernie Sanders and the Young Turks host Cenk Uygur on his personal Twitter.


Initial reports from the Denver Post had indicated that the person responsible for the shooting was an ANTIFA militant themselves, as the shooting had taken place at a set of dueling protests in which self-identified ANTIFA groups were present. The Denver Police later claimed the suspect taken into custody had no affiliation with Antifa.

However, Doloff most certainly has some far-left political opinions, and liked a tweet supporting the notion that the Confederate flag should be treated in the same fashion as the Nazi swastika.


Doloff expressed his contempt of Donald Trump supporters in a 2016 Facebook post.


This leftist fatally shot a conservative demonstrator for no discernible reason whatsoever.


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