Leftist Colorado NBC “Security Guard” Who Shot Conservative Demonstrator Released From Jail on $500,000 Bond

A unlicensed “security guard” who shot and killed a conservative demonstrator at Denver’s Civic Center in October has been bailed out of jail on a $500,000 bond.

Matthew Dolloff shot and killed a man while unlawfully acting as an unlicensed “security guard” for Denver NBC affiliate 9NEWS. The shooting, which occurred during dueling counter-demonstrations between ANTIFA and Patriot Prayer, was entirely captured on video- with Dolloff shooting hatmaker and Navy veteran Lee Keltner after intervening in a verbal dispute between Keltner and a BLM protestor.


A Denver judge had earlier refused to lower the bond on Dolloff- citing what he saw as overwhelming evidence suggesting Dolloff had no legitimate argument of self-defense when he shot and killed Keltner. The judge’s assessment that a conviction was likely makes it somewhat surprising that Dolloff- who is charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Keltner- was even granted bond at all.

Big League Politics exposed Dolloff’s far-left ideology after his arrest, documenting the sham “security guard” as a fanatical anti-Trump leftist through his social media history.

It’s questionable that Dolloff is even getting bailed out at all, considering he’s on video shooting a man in the head. Dolloff’s attorneys are arguing that he acted in self defense when he shot Keltner- who appeared to be armed with no more than pepper spray- in the head.

As the presiding judge already denied lowering the $500,000 bond required for Dolloff to leave the Downtown Detention Center, it’s likely the conditions imposed on his release are strict. His trial is yet to be formally scheduled, and Dolloff’s attorneys continue to maintain his innocence.


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