Leftist Filmed Harassing White Students at Arizona State Exposed as Ford Foundation Fellow

A campus leftist who filmed a viral video harassing two students at Arizona State University is a fellow of the Ford Foundation, one of the most wealthy and powerful non-governmental organizations in the world.

Sarra Tekola identifies herself as a Ford Fellow on her now-locked Twitter feed. She’s a PhD candidate, not a delusional freshman who has no experience in confronting other people with different ideas.

In the original video filmed by Tekola, the left-wing organizer harasses two students on racial grounds, citing a ‘police matter’ sticker on one of the students’ laptops. Libs of Tik Tok published the video, which went viral over the weekend as an example of leftist intolerance and hate.

The two white male students were later forced to leave the de facto segregated Multicultural Center at ASU, with Tekola and another students apparently unable to merely look at something other than the ‘Police Matter’ sticker.

Tekola’s Linkedin- now also locked down- states that she was named a Ford Foundation fellow in August 2018.

Tekola was previously arrested on felony charges of aggravated assault against a police officer, stemming from her presence at a violent Black Lives Matter protest in October.

The Ford Foundation is considered one of the most powerful private foundations in the country, with a $16 billion endowment and influence throughout government and big business. The organization touts having donated nearly $700 million dollars since 2011 to so-called ‘racial justice’ efforts, donating $330 million to progressive activist groups over the past two years.

One journalist who obtained access to internal Ford Foundation communications viewed a pattern of left-wing intolerance and disregard for free expression within the NGO, with leftists refusing to debate or discuss alternatives to standard woke social justice dogma.

It’s no surprise that someone as intolerant as Tekola fits right in with the Ford Foundation. It’s certainly concerning, however, that those fostered by the woke corporate-billionaire class are being groomed as the leaders of tomorrow’s society.

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