Leftist Freak Co-Writes Mueller Fetish Picture Book For Children

A random clown who enjoys relative fame on Twitter after replying to every single one of President Donald J. Trump’s tweets for the past three years recently decided to profit off of his endeavor by co-writing a picture book about the Mueller “collusion” investigation for children.

“[T]wo twin brothers, who are fathers themselves, have decided to nip this problem in the bud. Ed and Brian Krassenstein, the founders of IR.net, are Kickstarting a new children’s book enitled “How the People Trumped Ronald Plump,” and it’s not only for children,” says a post on the Krassenstein brothers’ blog.

Saturday, Brian Krassenstein, the brother who is flamboyant on Twitter, posted the following preview.


The good news is that capitalism is still alive and well, despite the efforts of Krassenstein and other far leftists. The bad news is that the book is far more cringeworthy than could imagine.

The plot is simple: Trump is a bad guy, and Mueller is saving America from his misdeeds. It is filled with unprovable claims and outright lies, like the idea that Trump and Putin “colluded” to swing the election in Trump’s favor…

…or that Trump is kidnapping women and “taking them away.”

“I think it’s important to stress that this book’s purpose is not to teach our children political ideologies, rather it’s to teach them morals, and how to develop into a good person.  Whether you are a Democrat who despises Trump, or a Republican who think’s he’s the best thing since bacon-wrapped bacon, this book will be entertaining, educational and most importantly, a tool for your child’s development,” said Ed Krassenstein.

Twitter has been hilariously crushing the brothers since the book’s release date was announced.

“i like the part where you misspell “donald trump,” wrote right-wing reporter Jon Gabriel.

“Grifters gonna grift,” wrote Bernie Sanders campaign alumnae Melissa Byrne.

By far the best roast came from Daily Caller editor Derek Hunter.

“You wrote a coloring book. Actually, you co-wrote a coloring book, you couldn’t even do it yourself. And you’re telling the world about it like “writing” what amounts to a child’s placemat at Denny’s is something to be proud of. It’s 54 pages long. You should be embarrassed.”

The Krassenstein’s literally believe they are saving future generations with a picture book. With delusions of grandeur and a Twitter account, one can actually dupe braindead liberals into purchasing this crap.

Isn’t America grand?

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