LEFTIST HYSTERIA: South Carolina Mayor Claims Pollen on Car is ‘Hate Crime’

Hysterical leftists, desperate for attention and sympathy as President Donald Trump makes America great again, are perpetrating hate crime hoaxes throughout the United States at an epidemic level.

But not every fake hate crime is necessarily a hoax. Some are just the mental delusions of extremely low IQ individuals. This was the case in Lamar, South Carolina after Mayor Darnell Byrd McPherson reported to police last month that a “yellow, sticky” residue was placed on her vehicle in what she believed was an apparent hate crime.

After police investigated, they found that the substance she found on her car was in fact pollen.

“My husband went out to the car to get some things out of the garage,” McPherson told Newsweek. “He says, ‘Somebody’s painted your car!’”

“It looked like little pebbles,” she added.

She saw that the substance “got in all of the grooves” of the car and immediately defaulted to her victim narrative instead of using basic common sense.

“I likened it as a hate crime because No. 1, there’s a history in our town of Lamar,” the volunteer mayor of the town with approximately 980 constituents, said.

NewsWeek points to an alleged racist hate attack that occurred nearly five decades ago where buses were attacked to prevent school integration to justify this clueless woman’s idiotic mistake.

“It ignited some fear in my spirit,” she said. “My God, who would do that?

“It was something; it was just unnerving to me.”

The deranged woman claimed that although there was no message written on the cars, she took it as a message of terror that some cars were parked menacingly close to her home.

“To me that was the message,” she said.

McPherson, whose IQ must be even lower than that of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), still refuses to accept what a fool she made of herself. She blames police for washing the car to erase the truth of her racial victimhood.

“The substance wasn’t saved and the cars were actually cleaned—pressure-washed twice—there was no substance, and so they didn’t have it for the investigation,” said McPherson.

“It’s something,” she added. “Something that’s sticky that’s stuck to my car and took two different solutions to get it off.”

Cops laughed off her concerns.

“We found it to be pollen,” Darlington County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Robby Kilgo said to Newsweek. “There was no reason for us to collect a sample.”

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) also looked into the matter and did not open up an investigation.

“We reviewed the incident report, but we did not open a formal investigation,” a SLED spokeswoman said to Newsweek. “Because we did not believe a crime occurred.”

This mentally ill woman wasted the time of police and cost the taxpayer thousands of dollars because of her victim complex. She still refuses to take any complicity for her stupidity and continues to whine about racism that only seems to exist in her pea brain.

“What do we need to do in Lamar? I say, we need to come together,” McPherson said. “There should be something else…. But there’s always these remnants of racism.”

The fact that she could obtain the level of Mayor, even in a volunteer role, shows that diversity is not our strength. Our multicultural future means many more leaders like McPherson or worse in power at every level throughout the country. May God have mercy on us all!

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