Leftist Italian Mayor Sentenced to 13 Years for Abetting Illegal Immigration

A left-wing mayor of a town in southern Italy was sentenced to 13 years for abetting illegal immigration late last month, in addition to charges of embezzlement, abuse of office, and fraud.

Domenico Lucano had been initially arrested in 2018 on the charges, which involve the corrupt transfer of public funds to pro-migration NGO’s. Lucano also was convicted of organizing sham marriages between asylum seekers and Italian citizens, designed with the intent of preventing illegal immigration from being deported.

Lucano had made himself a favorite of western elites and mainstream media for his promotion of immigration to Italy, making the town of Riace in Calabria a destination for hundreds of illegal migrants. Globalist NGO’s, linked to merciless oligarch George Soros, involved in the smuggling of mostly African illegal migrants to Italy, often ferrying and dropping off destitute migrants in islands in the Mediterranean Sea, have decried the conviction, bringing up the possibility western liberal diplomats will put pressure on Italy to pardon Lucano’s crimes.

Italian nationalist leader Matteo Salvini welcomed the conviction of Lucano on human smuggling charges, pointing to the leftist independent as an agent of the Italian left.

Italian leftists have sought to jail Salvini for defending the country against a migrant onslaught, citing incidences when smuggling ships filled with hundreds of migrants were denied permission to undock in Italian ports.

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