Leftist Media Parrots Chinese Communist Party Propaganda on Wuhan Flu

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lijian Zhao is patting himself on the back for China’s response to the Wuhan Flu.

On Twitter, he stated “3. Chinese spox: Countries like Singapore, ROK took necessary measures & put the epidemics under control because they made full use of this precious time China bought for the world. As for whether US availed itself of this window, I believe the fact is witnessed by US &the world.”



This provoked a response from conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter.

He tweeted, “The liberal media is parroting the propaganda of its communist masters.”

What Schlichter is referring to is embodied in an article by the New York Times writer Ian Johnson titled “China Bought the West Time. The West Squandered It”

Johnson praised China for being more proactive while the U.S. and other countries were more “reactive”:

…..the attitude toward the coronavirus outbreak in the United States and much of Europe has been bizarrely reactive, if not outright passive — or that the governments in those regions have let pass their best chance to contain the virus’s spread. Having seen a kind of initial denial play out already in China, I feel a sense of déjà vu. But while China had to contend with a nasty, sudden surprise, governments in the West have been on notice for weeks.

However, China expert Gordon Chang argues that China should not be trusted when it comes to the numbers of deaths related to the Wuhan Flu. The country is already known for its secrecy and censorship.

In addition, the Chinese government has censored much coverage of what’s taking place in the country and there is still speculation about what truly took place in Wuhan.

Nevertheless, the Trump administration has taken rational measures like banning travel to China, while his Democrat opponents yammer on about open borders and “racism.” In the globalist era, countries with questionable health infrastructure like China can easily “export” their illnesses via frequent travel. Hence, the need for strong borders and strict controls on who can enter countries.

The level of Trump Derangement Syndrome has gotten so bad that leftists will use Chinese Communist Party narratives to try to criticize Trump and undermine his agenda.

That’s where we’re at in 2020.

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