Leftist Mob Attempts To Shut Down Matt Walsh

A left wing mob blocked the area near a hotel hosting conservative activist and writer Matt Walsh.

The left is at it again seeking to silence those they disagree with. This time conservative activist and writer Matt Walsh was the target of the left wing mob’s protest. Last Wednesday, Mr.Walsh was speaking about being pro life and the pro life movement in general in light of Dobbs V. Jackson. The event was organized by Saint Louis College Republicans and Young American’s Foundation.

The protesters told Fox News “Queer lives, they matter here, Black lives, they matter here, trans lives, they matter here.” According to Nick Baker, the president of the Saint Louis University College Republicans chapter, “blocking an intersection was not a good way for the protesters to share their point of view.” YAF also weighed in saying they were “disappointed”, “We were disappointed the protesters didn’t want to engage in a real conversation with Matt and YAF, instead they hurled insults and screamed silly slogans. True intellectual debate is a cornerstone of college campuses, and YAF is proud to be organization bringing these important speakers to vital campuses.”

Walsh eventually approached the protesters, according to his Twitter account, intending to give them a chance to answer his ‘what is a woman’ question. According to The Daily Caller, Walsh was supposed to give his lecture originally at St. Francis Xavier College Church but they cancelled after “reviewing many of his public statements.”

“When we initially allowed the event to be scheduled, we were not familiar with his views,” the church said. “Following more scrutiny of his statements, we cannot in good conscience give him a platform to speak.” Yet again the Left has silenced a conservative activist from speaking in the public sphere.

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