Leftist PolitiFact Covers for #NeverTrump GOP Senate Candidate In Indiana

Since its inception, leftist PolitiFact has paraded itself as a non-biased organization dedicated to being the arbiter of truth in media for consumers of news. They have, of course, been exclusively shilling for other leftist news outlets, claiming that any story ever written by a conservative is somehow flawed.

But today, PolitiFact changed its tune from opposing all Republicans to opposing the only the “wrong” brand of Republicans, which is to say Trump supporting Republicans.

GOP candidates Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN) and Congressman Luke Messner (R-IN), are duking it out in a primary race Senate in Indiana.

Messner, an avowed Never-Trumper, floated the idea of running former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate in 2016, after Donald Trump already won the GOP nomination.

Not to mention the fact that Trump had won every single delegate from his home state.

Naturally, Rokita attacked his opponent for this move in a recent campaign ad.

“We’re not going to beat [incumbent Democrat] Joe Donnelly with a RINO,” Rokita said in the ad. “And Luke Messer? He plotted with the Never-Trumpers to steal the nomination from President Trump.”

In a telling move, and one that serves to show the growing allegiance between RINO’s and Democrats, leftist PolitiFact jumped in to white knight for Messner.

In an article titled “Did Luke Messner Plot to Steal the Nomination from Donald Trump in 2016? Not Really”, PolitiFact did something it rarely does. It defended a Republican.

“We wondered whether Messer indeed plotted to steal the nomination from Trump,” the piece says. “That’s an exaggeration.”


How is suggesting that Donald Trump be replaced not plotting to steal the nomination? Anyone with half a brain can see right through that.

We give Politifact’s “Fact Check” a PANTS ON FIRE.

A leftist organization like PolitiFact stepping in to defend a so-called “Republican” candidate for Senate should tell you everything you need to know about Messner. He has not even been elected yet, and he’s already working with Democrats.

Messner’s office did not return a request for comment in time for publication.

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