Leftist Portland Protestors Chain Themselves Together in the Lobby of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Apartment

A group of Black Lives Matter protestors have arrived in the lobby of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s apartment, and they’ve chained themselves together in an attempt to force the neoliberal mayor to comply with their political demands.

An attendant tried to explain to the passive-aggressive group of demonstrators that the building is private property and that they weren’t allowed in, but the group simply insisted that they had to talk to Ted Wheeler.

The group of young women chained themselves together with a device that read “Black Lives Matter,” shortly after which the desk receptionist of the building said she was calling the police.

The leftist group of protestors delivered a set of demands, which include defunding the Portland Police Bureau by a whopping 50%, no new police budget increases, and for Wheeler to resign as the Mayor of Portland and de facto Portland Police commissioner.

Wheeler engaged in a political stunt of his own just earlier on Friday, sending a letter to President Donald Trump in which he refused federal assistance in ending the criminal riots in his city, blaming the President for them by virtue of sending federal police to defend the Hatfield Federal Courthouse from left-wing rioters.

From the looks of it, his irresponsible stunt doesn’t appear to have satiated the city’s leftist militants from engaging in further criminal conduct, this time targeting him directly in pursuit of his resignation.

A much larger group of Portland protestors showed up at the luxury condominium shortly after the initial group, making it difficult for the property managers to remove the trespassing protestors with police assistance.

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