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Leftist Tears Flood Twitter After Justice Kennedy Retirement Annoucement



The political left is learning the hard way that elections have consequences amid the retirement of notoriously centrist Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy, which will allow President Donald J. Trump to appoint another conservative Justice.

The first hot take comes from Tommy Vietor, former National Security Council spokesperson for President Obama:

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Bill Palmer, founder of liberal blog Palmer Report, had some choice words for a 30 year Justice and public servant.

“Anthony Kennedy, how dare you retire from the Supreme Court now, allowing an Illegitimate monster like Trump to replace you,” he tweeted. “All you had to do was wait til (sic) November. You just killed America, you asshole.”

Commentator Roland Martin called for war with Republicans, keeping up with the recent violent rhetoric of the far left.

“Center-right Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire,” he said. “The [GOP] is licking their chops to appoint a hard right judge. Dems should say no confirmation hearing until after November. That’s payback for the Merrick Garland appointment. Dems better be prepared to go to war NOW.”

Commentator Jeffrey Toobin opined that 20 or more states will outlaw abortion, knowing the Supreme Court will uphold their decisions.

“Roe v. Wade is doomed, it is gone because Donald Trump won the election,” cried Toobin on CNN.

Podcast host Rick Smith wasted no time fear-mongering, using the typical far-left talking points.

“Anthony Kennedy retiring from the [SCOTUS],” he said on Twitter. “Women say goodbye to Roe v Wade & possibly Griswold, LGBT community say good bye to your rights. Minorities? If you think it’s bad now…just wait. The police state is coming and Capital Punishment will be back. Say Hello to the Theocracy.”

And here’s one last one from Think Progress, it sort of speaks for itself:

According to Trump, he will choose another Justice from the list of 25 he used to choose Justice Neil Gorsuch, appointed in early 2017.


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KENYA: Nairobi News Outlet Declares ‘Barack Obama is Home, Finally’



Barack Obama is home. That is, according to The East African, a verified news agency in Nairobi, Kenya.

The former President is in Kenya as part of a scheduled trip to Africa where he is set to meet with Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of Kenya. Following his visit to Kenya, Obama will then travel to South Africa to meet with political leaders and attend a meeting for the Obama Foundation.

On Monday, the publication tweeted an article about Obama’s visit to Kenya with the caption, “.@BarackObama is home, finally #ObamaReturns.”

The word “home” was an interesting word choice for the publication, and quickly caught the attention of thousands of Twitter users who noticed that the Kenyan publication was claiming Obama’s home or origin is Kenya, a claim that holds explosive political ramifications.

When Obama ran for president in 2008, questions concerning the legitimacy of his birth certificate came into question when his opponents accused him of having a phony birth certificate. In order to become President of the United States, one must be a natural-born citizen of the U.S., as required by Article Two of the U.S. Constitution.

Many people believe that Obama, who claims to have been born in Hawaii, was actually born in Kenya where his father if from. One of the most famous individuals who publicly stated that they don’t believe Obama was born in the United States was pre-Oval Office Donald Trump.

In 2011, to quell rumors, the White house released a copy of what looks like a long form birth certificate from Hawaii. However, there are many Americans who still believe Obama was born in Kenya, and not on American soil.

During Obama’s presidency, President Trump, prior to announcing his run for candidacy, caused a firestorm on October 24, 2012 when he announced that he would make a $5 million donation to charity if Obama produce his citizenship and college records.

During an interview in 2014 on Irish TV, Trump said, “The president (Obama) should come clean. A lot of people feel it wasn’t a proper certificate.”

However, in September of 2016, Trump held a press conference in which he said, “President Obama was born in the United States”, causing many on the Left to accuse Conservatives of promoting what they dubbed “birther conspiracy theories”.

Two years later, Trump is President of the United States of America, and Obama has returned “home”, to Kenya, where the local media has claimed Obama as one of their own, a Kenyan.

According to Mwakilishi, “Kenya’s diaspora news leader”, Barack Obama will be accompanied by Oprah Winfrey during his trip throughout Africa. Winfrey recently flirted with the idea of a 2020 presidential run and has been making political waves after she gave a highly politically charged speech about Trump at the Golden Globes in January.

In 2013, President Obama awarded Winfrey with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. However, it is unknown why she will be accompanying Obama on his trip to Africa and why it wasn’t previously disclosed in his official statement about the trip.

“President Obama looks forward to meeting these emerging leaders for the first time, hearing about the extraordinary work they are doing across Africa, and discussing how the Obama Foundation can support their civic leadership development,” Obama’s spokesperson said in an official statement released regarding the former President’s visit to Africa.

Obama’s trip to Kenya is reportedly his first trip back to Kenya since leaving office. However, in June, Big League Politics learned from sources on the ground in Kenya that Obama visited his family in Kenya at the end of June in an unannounced secret trip, which raises the question: What is Obama hiding in Kenya?

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