Leftist Tears Flood Twitter After Justice Kennedy Retirement Annoucement

The political left is learning the hard way that elections have consequences amid the retirement of notoriously centrist Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy, which will allow President Donald J. Trump to appoint another conservative Justice.

The first hot take comes from Tommy Vietor, former National Security Council spokesperson for President Obama:

Bill Palmer, founder of liberal blog Palmer Report, had some choice words for a 30 year Justice and public servant.

“Anthony Kennedy, how dare you retire from the Supreme Court now, allowing an Illegitimate monster like Trump to replace you,” he tweeted. “All you had to do was wait til (sic) November. You just killed America, you asshole.”


Commentator Roland Martin called for war with Republicans, keeping up with the recent violent rhetoric of the far left.

“Center-right Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire,” he said. “The [GOP] is licking their chops to appoint a hard right judge. Dems should say no confirmation hearing until after November. That’s payback for the Merrick Garland appointment. Dems better be prepared to go to war NOW.”

Commentator Jeffrey Toobin opined that 20 or more states will outlaw abortion, knowing the Supreme Court will uphold their decisions.

“Roe v. Wade is doomed, it is gone because Donald Trump won the election,” cried Toobin on CNN.

Podcast host Rick Smith wasted no time fear-mongering, using the typical far-left talking points.

“Anthony Kennedy retiring from the [SCOTUS],” he said on Twitter. “Women say goodbye to Roe v Wade & possibly Griswold, LGBT community say good bye to your rights. Minorities? If you think it’s bad now…just wait. The police state is coming and Capital Punishment will be back. Say Hello to the Theocracy.”

And here’s one last one from Think Progress, it sort of speaks for itself:


According to Trump, he will choose another Justice from the list of 25 he used to choose Justice Neil Gorsuch, appointed in early 2017.

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