Leftist Thugs Explode in Violent Outlash Against Trump Supporters Following Million MAGA March

ANTIFA and BLM militants exploded in a wave of targeted violence against Donald Trump supporters and America First demonstrators, during and following the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C, on Saturday.

Thugs blindsided a man departing the march with a hook blow to the head, going on to stomp on his body as he lay on the city street unconscious and badly bleeding. One woman could be seen leaving the scene of the beating with the man’s phone.

Antifa was seen carrying out violence in opportunistic fashion, attacking right-wingers from behind with sucker punches and cheap shots. The left appeared uninclined to engage in mutual combat, although they were willing to attack their enemies in a back-handed and cowardly fashion.

Much of the political violence targeted senior citizens present at the march, who aren’t as prepared to physically defend themselves as younger people. The Antifas and BLMs also targeted female Trump supporters.

Black-clad Antifas hailed fireworks- which could’ve seriously injured someone- and projectiles at a small crowd of American patriots eating at a restaurant after the march had concluded.

Some Trump supporters could be seen fighting back against the ANTIFA mob, with at least one of the leftist militants being knocked out.

The Washington D.C Capital police ultimately ended up cordoning off entire city blocks in the aftermath of the march when violence erupted, but it appears the authorities were largely ineffective in preventing leftist terrorists from mauling peaceful pro-America demonstrators.

Big League Politics is monitoring the aftermath of the demonstrations, and the situation in DC remains volatile.

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