Leftist Thugs Set Catholic Church in Chile on Fire

Observatório Católico reported that on Wednesday, November 27, 2019, Chilean vandals set fire to a Catholic church in Curicó, Chile.

They described it as “another episode of persecution” of Catholics and members of the clergy.

Bree Dail of the Holy League of Nations tweeted, “Another #CatholicChurch in #Chile is desecrated—relics and other sacramentals stolen, church set on fire. Report that the perpetrators are from the same #Communist mobs that were filmed looting and desecrating a few weeks ago. #CatholicTwitter




BLP previously reported on the desecration of Catholic churches throughout Chile during the nationwide protests that began in October.

The most stable country in Latin America, Chile is going through a tumultuous period of unrest after metro fare hikes motivated people to take to the streets in October.

Radical leftists took advantage of this unrest to commit acts of vandalism throughout the country.

During the last few decades, Chile has taken a distinct path to development when compared to countries such as Argentina and Venezuela by emphasizing the rule of law and free market institutions. However, these recent protests show that leftist forces never rest and will find every way possible to try to impose their will on society.

Attacking religious institutions is one of the many tactics the Left uses to get back in power.

The Chilean government headed by right-wing president Sebastián Piñera must act decisively in restoring order and bringing these vandals to justice.

Giving in to radicals by letting them run around with impunity will only embolden the iconoclastic.

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