Leftist University Study Deems Progressive San Francisco Most Risky City For Black Police Interactions

Attorney Adante Pointer, shown outside the Hall of Justice in 2018, represented three men in a federal lawsuit alleging civil rights violation after a San Francisco police encounter in 2019. (Jessica Christian/The Chronicle 2018)

Are the Democrats once again oppressing minorities? According to some of their own, yes! A new study from the University of California, San Francisco suggested that the far-left city may not be as racially progressive as they believe after its claim that San Francisco had the highest injury rate for black residents when compared with 52 other California counties.

“San Francisco definitely stood out, and it was certainly surprising to me because it’s considered such a progressive city,” said Dr. Cora Ormseth, a UCSF physician who headed the study. “But then if you look back at the history, it all starts to make sense.”

The San Francisco Chronicle described the methodology of the JAMA Network study, which examined 27,671 “legal intervention injuries” — otherwide defined as injuries resulting from encounters with law enforcement personnel that subsequently required hospitalization — from Jan. 1, 2016, to Dec. 31, 2019:

The UCSF physicians who wrote the study compared the ratio of “observed” to “expected” injuries for Black and white residents based on their population makeup in each of the remaining 52 counties. Researchers totaled the number of injuries recorded in hospitals by county and divided them by the number of expected injuries in each county based on its population demographics.

Statewide, the study found that Black residents accounted for 18% of police-caused injuries over the four-year period, even though they represented 6% of California’s population.

San Francisco had the highest injury ratio for Black residents.

Excluded from the sample size were six counties in which the black population is sparse, numbering fewer than 100 residents: Alpine, Sierra, Glenn, Mono, Trinity and Amador.

“Continued harm of Black US citizens by law enforcement officers has intensified calls to address law enforcement officer brutality and systemic racism,” the introduction of the study begins. “Data show that Black people are more likely than White people to experience legal intervention injuries,16 defined as any injury sustained as a result of an encounter with any law enforcement officer.”

The study also noted that black people experienced 408 injuries from 2016 to 2019 while only being expected to experience 60 injuries based on being only 6% of the county’s population. Meanwhile, white residents of San Francisco reported less injuries at 383, a bit more than the expected 355.

Oakland civil rights attorney Adante Pointer slammed the actions of the San Francisco police department, blaming “the culture of SFPD,” before claiming that “study after study point[s] to data-driven evidence that show officers are harassing, and using more force against Black people.”

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