Leftists Destroy Four Statues in Frenzy of Iconoclast Cultural Destruction, Including Ulysses Grant

American liberal militants destroyed three statues of historically prominent men on Friday night, carrying out a frenzy of cultural destruction that appears either tolerated or supported by local authorities.

Left-wing vandals started off the night by destroying the statue of Albert Pike in Washington D.C. Pike was a prominent American Freemason who served briefly as an officer in the Confederate Army.

Pike’s statue was the only nominal Confederate officer statue in the city, although the 19th century American is more well known as a figure associated with Freemasonry.

Rioters in California destroyed two statues, one of whom depicted Francis Scott Keys, the man who wrote ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’ Keys was a slave owner, similarly to many 19th century Americans, although he emancipated many slaves at the end of his life and argued against the institution of slavery.

A statue of Catholic missionary Junipero Serra was also destroyed. Serra was a Spanish Franciscan Friar who helped to bring the Christian faith to California, and was canonized as a Catholic Saint in 2015. Cultural progressives have increasingly opposed monuments commemorating the saint, citing supposed abuse of Native Americans. Native Californians lived on the missions that Serra created in the territory, and progressives point to the institutions as criminal abuses on dubious grounds.

In all three acts of cultural destruction, law enforcement seem to either stand by impotently or are not even present as leftists destroy public monuments that don’t belong to them. American authorities are entirely unwilling to stop or supportive of the leftist cultural cleanse deranged authoritarians are determined to impose upon civil society, destroying monuments to figures of culture that they cannot match.


In a act of monumental ignorance and stupidity, San Francisco’s privileged punks appear to have destroyed a statue of none other than Ulysses Grant, U.S. President and Union Civil War General himself.

As if there were any doubt they’d quickly turn their criminality towards more mainstream American historical figures after purging any monument of Confederate officials.

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